Do You Plan For Your Future?

I spend most of my free time planning ahead for my future. At this time in my life there are many uncertainties so I am trying to come ahead by planning as much as possible to cut down on “snags” down the road. The biggest thought that is weighing on my mind is what will happen to my children if something happens to me before they are out on their own and comfortable with their finances? Would it pay off for me to look into term life insurance? What about current home prices, interest hikes and vehicle pricing? Will this all end or is what lies in the future from here on out? Do you want to keep putting money into the stock market or should you stand back for a bit?

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In order to ease my mind about my children’s welfare, I decided to get term life insurance quotes. This way I could see how much money this would cost per month to put my mind at ease. As a single mother, it is definitely worth a small monthly payment to know that my children will be taken care of should something happen to me before they are completely out on their own.

Now for current home prices, this one is much trickier. For this issue, my plan is to set back and wait to see what the future holds. My dream home would be one that I would stay in forever. Right now, my home is in the best school district for my child. Once he is in college, it will be time for me to find that dream home. He has a few more years left in high school so this gives me lots of time to set back and see what lies ahead in terms of home shopping and interest rates. Our family owned rental homes, and this was definitely the time to sell off your rental home if you had any doubts of keeping the home. One reason we sold one of our rental homes was because the area was going downhill and vandalism was happening throughout the neighborhood. With this being said, it wasn’t as attractive to renters once this started happening.

Vehicle pricing, again, who knows what the future holds? I am just glad to have a dependable car in my garage at this time. With vehicle pricing being at a high, it sure would have been nice to have had an extra car in the driveway that could have been sold. But face it, not many of us just have spare cars laying around….lol.

Now for the stock market, spending time on sites such as Etrade, can be a huge addiction for many. It’s exciting learning and studying about businesses and trying to predict what the future holds for them. Watching the numbers turn green because they are rising by percentages is great but when all numbers are red and everything is falling, it’s not much fun. Many believe you should buy now while stocks are down, but with uncertainty about what the future holds, maybe it’s best to hang on to your extra money right now.

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What do you think? How much planning for the future have you done? Have you caught yourself worrying about the future lately?

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