Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing a Senior Living Community

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Making the decision to move an elderly family member to an assisted living community like the atrium at rocky hill can be an emotional time. When a loved one loses some of their independence, it can be unsettling for both them and their family as they try to work out what is going to be the best option to keep them safe and properly looked after. Elder home care is often a viable option for a while, but many seniors will eventually need to move into assisted living one day. If you and your senior family member have decided that now is the time to consider retirement home options, there are a few important factors to take into account before you make your final decision.

Research the Nearby Area

The retirement home itself isn’t the only important place you will need to pay attention to. The surrounding area needs to be somewhere you can easily imagine your senior relative feeling safe and secure, even if they don’t intend to venture far from the home. Take a walk around the local area to make sure you and your loved one feel that it is a good fit. Even if the assisted living community itself ticks all your boxes, it’s also important to consider its location.

Consider How Easy it is to Visit

Chances are you will want to be able to check in on your senior relative on occasion, so you may want to foremost prioritize finding the best senior living services close to where you live. Of course, if you must travel far in order to visit your loved one in their senior living community, it’s up to you what distance you are able to cover and how regularly you can make the trip. Discuss with your relative if they expect frequent visits, as this might mean finding somewhere closer to home.

Evaluate the Level of Care

Knowing that your family member will be taken care of is essential to finding the right senior living community for them and their unique needs. According to assisted living in Great Falls, VA, some of the most common reasons for choosing a senior living community are access to care, assistance, daily programs, socialization, quality meals, and security. When you visit different homes, you will need to evaluate the level of care provided to residents so you can rest assured that your loved one will be looked after properly.

Talk to the Staff

Take any opportunity you can to speak with the staff at a senior living community to get a better idea of the place’s atmosphere and way of operating. Note any questions you think of before arrival and remember to ask them before you leave. While it is their duty to look after all the senior residents, your priority should be the welfare and comfort of your family member.

Meet Existing Residents and Their Families

If you get the chance to meet existing residents of the home, take the opportunity to speak to them and find out what they think about their lifestyle. Also, talking and listening to existing residents’ families can give you valuable insight into the care you can expect from the staff and facilities. The most important consideration above all else is the wellbeing of your loved one.


While it is important to look at how they treat the residents on a daily basis – like the things mentioned above, activities and quality meals, and so on, many older adults who are going into a senior living community or care home will have some specific needs that need to be taken care of. 

Medically trained staff is a must, and a medical facility should be on site too. It is common for care homes and assisted living facilities to have some issues. It is vital that you look at any reviews and take some time to look for new stories and reports too. 

A common tactic of homes and facilities is to rebrand and rename but keep the same shabby standard. Make sure you do plenty of research into the facility’s past because the last thing you want to consider is how to file a wrongful death claim due to negligence or poor health care.

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  1. Elderly people who are already receiving may require more care than what they currently have access to when daily activities become more difficult for them to handle.

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