Top Tips for New Parents

Photo Courtesy of Alaska Sleep Clinic

Have you recently welcomed a new baby into the world? Huge congratulations! Life changes dramatically as a new parent and your head may be filled with several questions as to how to be the very best parent you can be. It’s no secret that parenting is one of the most nerve-wracking but rewarding journeys you will ever experience in life, but in the early days, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed by how you’re going to manage in your new role. 

Don’t fret – we’re going to provide some helpful tips that will come in useful for new parents:

Sleep when your baby sleeps

You may have heard the advice to sleep when your baby sleeps – and this is one of the best tips you can take on board. In the first few weeks and months, your baby will constantly wake during the night for feeds and diaper changes, which may lead you to the point of exhaustion. 

When your baby nods off, take the opportunity to get some rest too. Although it may seem like the perfect time to get your list of domestic chores completed, remember to put self-care first.

Trust your instincts

As a new parent, it’s very easy to second-guess every decision you make, especially if this is your first baby. Despite this, always remember to trust your instinct. This experience is completely new to you, so you’re bound to feel daunted – especially when left alone to care for the baby. Don’t become pressured by the idea of ‘perfect parenting’ through what you read or see on social media. You’re winning simply by providing your baby with the basic necessities – feeding, patience, and love.

Muslins are great for all situations

If you’re on the lookout for essential items for your baby, muslin cloths are certainly one to add to your list. They can be useful in a vast array of situations, such as feeding, wiping, and even acting as a protective cover from the sun. It would be wise to stock up between the newborn and toddler phase. You can find a whole host of baby essentials, including muslin cloths, at

You can refuse visitors 

After leaving the hospital and bringing your new baby home, it’s usually the case that you’ll be bombarded with requests from friends and family as to when they can visit. Don’t feel pressured to say yes – giving birth is exhausting and you may need some time to recover and, of course, spend some precious alone time with your partner and baby. In the early days, you may wish to focus on forming a bond with your baby and adapting to the new parenting duties.

Accept help

No one said parenting was easy – and when you have a multitude of other responsibilities on your plate, it can feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. In this case, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your closest friends and family will be willing to provide support to help you cope with your new role. 

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