10 Reasons to Home School Your Kids

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There is no time like the present to switch to homeschooling; even if your child is already in the education system, there is nothing to stop you from changing the routine and beginning teaching them from home; it is very helpful for people who have switched jobs or changed working hours. 

Ditch the school run and sleep for longer in the morning, and take days off during the week instead of the weekend, helping you to beat the crowds. This is a long list of reasons why you should home-school your kids, and in this article, you can read about ten of the most prominent. 

No School Run 

Probably the first and best aspect of homeschooling your kids is the lack of any school run. If you’re unlucky enough to have experienced a school run, you will know about the early rises, the bickering in the morning, the time constraints, the roads chock-a-block with traffic, and finally, your own lateness as you pile into the office with the stress of confronting your boss once more. 

Swap all of that for a peaceful morning by home-schooling. Not only do you have less time pressure because you work from home and your only commute is from one room to another, but there is more time in the morning for everyone to catch up on their sleep and feel more relaxed for the start of their day. Beyond this, eliminating the need to take your child to school in the morning can save you money in the long run. Money saved from the commute could be invested into some online tutoring from a site like edufront.com to help supplement your little one’s learning. 


When you combine “education” with “entertainment,” you get edutainment. Edutainment is one of the best ways to learn, and not just for kids; adults also learn better when they are in a state of relaxed alertness and onboard new information more easily. Homeschooling gives you more opportunities to get creative with your kid’s learning environment supporting a better education.

Let’s say you are teaching your kids about history in your home school classroom; instead of sticking to the regular schedule the next day, why not change things up a little and take a visit to the local museum? When children see the history they are learning about in the real world; it makes more of an impression on them. Not to mention you can spend quality time together. 

More Confidence

One of the reasons bubbly, happy children grow up to be underconfident is the restraints and expectations they encounter when they enter the son called “real world.” But the “real world,” so to speak, doesn’t have to be a place of stress and despair. Conversely, you want your children to enter the real world with all of the high spirits and confidence they have as young people. 

The more trust your kids have in their personalities and their way of thinking, the more confident they will be in general. This kind of confidence is harder to achieve in a school environment where they have to live up to certain expectations and aren’t encouraged in the same way. With homeschooling, you have more control over the environment and the people they interact with.  

Improved Test Results 

Some people argue that homeschooling is not quite as effective as a traditional classroom environment; they say that students who are home-schooled don’t have access to qualified teachers and they aren’t socialized properly. But on the balance of evidence, this is not the case. In fact, studies show that home-schooled kids receive better grades on their exams.  

So what about the argument for qualified teachers? In reality, high school teachers have an education and experience in their field, but the quality of teaching varies drastically. Not only that, students in traditional classrooms don’t receive the same level of attention and critique as home-schooled kids, which is probably why homeschoolers tend to get better results in the end.   

More Freedom 

Homeschooling was once the most popular mode of teaching for travelers and people in the counter-culture movements, that’s because it gave them the freedom to move from place to place and teach children about society’s value system without being embedded in it. Today homeschooling has lost its stigma but is still practiced for many of the original reasons. 

As mentioned, homeschooling takes a child away from the conventional structures of the education system, which include the way children are taught as well as who they interact with. Some people view this as a disadvantage, but in reality, it creates more freedom for them. There is more freedom in what they can learn, and there is more freedom to grow in confidence.   

Reduced Homework 

Ask most children if they like homework, and they will tell you they would rather be playing a console game, watching television, or meeting up with friends. With a homeschooling system, there are more opportunities for children to engage with the activities they love because more of the work is carried out in the classroom, and the work they do is more focused and high level. 

Homework seems like a standard practice in many ways, and some parents expect it as a staple of any education system. The truth is that homework is normally given out because there is not enough time to engage with the lesson or practice in the classroom. Because homeschooling is more effective during the day, it gives kids more free time at night to play.  

Improved Social Life

Children that are homeschooled aren’t socialized properly! At least, that’s the argument and attitude of a lot of people who disagree with the homeschooling model. In fact, the opposite is the case; children who are homeschooled not only have a social life, they benefit from enhanced interactions and a more positive friendship group than those in a school setting. 

In a traditional school setting, children are mixed together; there are all kinds of personalities, backgrounds, and egos are thrown together; of course, some of the best friends are made in this way, but it is not without its downside. One of the major downsides is bullying which is a common occurrence, especially for bright kids. Homeschoolers get to select private groups.   

Flexible Schedule 

Nine to five jobs still exist in the world, but they are fewer in number than before; similarly, children can still attend a nine to five school schedule, but there are alternatives these days. The truth is the world is changing, it is becoming more flexible and more tailored to individual lifestyles, so there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a flexible homeschooling schedule. 

Forget about teaching all week and having the weekends free when all the parks, museums, and events are fully booked. Instead, have some school days over the weekend and enjoy a couple of days off during the week when you can see more, and you don’t have to book ahead. Similarly, you can choose when to have your school holidays, so they are cheaper and quieter.  

Faster Progress 

There’s no reason for your children to progress at the same rate as other students, especially if they have the brains and they are being homeschooled. In general, homeschooling is better for a child’s education because they get more focused attention which means they have a better grasp of the subjects. This means you can move through lessons faster and more effectively. 

Of course, there’s no point in getting ahead of yourself; even if you have a young prodigy on your hands, they still need time to enjoy their childhood and grow; the difference is that homeschooling helps to create more time in their life for play and development rather than a boxy schedule set out by the local authorities. Use these strategies to help your child spell

Better Parenting 

Would you rather send your kids to an institution for most of the week or spend quality time with them learning about the world and a bunch of interesting subjects? If you’re like most people, you will choose the second option, but in reality, most parents don’t think twice about sending their kids to the institution. Some say that homeschooling is a better form of parenting overall. 

Of course, if you are a homeschooling parent, you will have to step into the role of teacher for most of the day; the benefit is that you have a very strong understanding of your child and how their mind works. Help them to onboard new information, get creative outdoors, and adapt to their unique learning style to ensure that your child’s future is safe and their present is happy.  

Final Thoughts   

Once upon a time, homeschooling had a stigma; parents caught up in the conventions of society thought of homeschooling as a counter-cultural phenomenon that had no place in the “real world.” But a lot has changed, including the “real world,” and homeschooling is now more viable. 

In this article, you have read about ten reasons to homeschool kids, but there are many more besides. For instance, we didn’t cover interactions and support networks, child-led learning, and one-to-one tuition. If you want your child to develop intelligently and confidently, homeschool. 

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