4 Tips to Ensure a Breakout Performance At Your Next Trade Show


A successful trade show is essential for business success no matter your industry. Yet, too many small business owners don’t understand the potential of trade shows, meaning they lack the drive and determination to make a statement and ensure a breakout performance. If you have a trade show on the horizon and want to show off everything your business can offer (and maybe more), here are four tips to guarantee everyone remembers your business. 

Be Approachable and Engaging 

You will never be able to show off your product if you do not demonstrate approachability and engagement. You already know how important a smile is in business, so if you spend the first few hours sulking, no one will want to look at your products. Similarly, your trade show booth should be as appealing as possible. You must make it stand out from the crowd and establish a balance between intrigue while helping the attendees understand what you’re selling. Your brand name and logo should also be visible, so potential customers can pick your booth out from a distance. You can try building your booth yourself, but it may be better to head to a site like ClassicExhibits.com where they can design a booth for you.

Perfect Your Demonstration 

You will be expected to demo your product at the trade show, so you must be prepared to ensure you can highlight all functions, features, and any bonus additions that will attract customers. There are few things more devastating than a product demo going awry, so do not ignore the importance of practicing and completing trial runs. However, even practice doesn’t always guarantee success, so have a backup plan in case a product fails to work as intended. Discussing your demo and overall trade show stand with experts in the construction of professional trade show displays in Seattle, Washington (or similar elsewhere more relevant to you) can be a great way to get ideas for how to demonstrate your product in the best way possible, as well as alternative measures should you require them. A good demo will do the aforementioned but will also make use of or link back to your display, so your customers can take away your brand image and associate it with the product. Using experts in display making can be a great help when trying to achieve this.

Get Contact Information 

You should never let interested businesses or individuals walk \away from your booth empty-handed, so make sure you have plenty of goodies, preferably covered in your logo and brand name. When they take these freebies, you can take the time to collect contact information and add them to your mailing list. By doing so, you have a substantial log of potential leads, and although not all of them will become permanent customers, you should get enough to develop a dependable relationship that can help your small business grow. 

Make Purchases Straightforward

Some trade shows also offer the chance to sell your product. If any interested parties seem eager to purchase your product or service then and there, your payment process must be straightforward. A reliable Point of Sale console is arguably most important and using the Ingenico API, you can make it even more reliable. As trade shows are full of competing ideas and products, do not give customers an excuse to look elsewhere. If the sale takes too long or does not go through, you could miss out on a potentially valuable customer, as they will look elsewhere for more reliable payment solutions. 

Break Out 

Trade shows are an exceptional opportunity for small businesses to increase brand awareness and let potential investors and customers know what you’re all about. If you want to make a fantastic impression, these tips will ensure your company comes away with greater recognition. 

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