Birth Day or Birth Month?

My sister and I both have August birthdays. I always look forward to my actual birthday whereas my sister looks forward to her entire birth month!

For the entire month, I have listened to her get so excited about her birthday month plans. To begin the month off right, she pulls out her “birthday month” cup which reads: It’s My Birthday Month. Then she begins planning! She lines up all the doctor’s appointments she needs to set up because her birth month is the time for special self care. Then she schedules a trip for a manicure, massage, etc. She also picks out a birthday gift for herself.

After hearing her go on and on about her birth month, it got me thinking that I too needed a birthday gift as well. I do most of my shopping online, but some items call for a trip to the store. I decided that I’d like a long necklace to “dress up” a few of my outfits. After searching online, I found a necklace online from Kendra Scott and luckily they had a storefront just a few miles away. I had asked a few friends if they owned any Kendra Scott jewelry and was happy to find out that Kendra Scott has a birthday club where I could receive 50% off one item.

I’m not a great “selfie taker” LOL, but check out my new Kendra Scott “birthday necklace.” You can sign up for the Kendra Scott Birthday Club too! It’s free to join and takes only a few minutes to fill out.

As far as the birthday cake, my oldest son is making me a cake of my choice and this year, I am choosing a triple chocolate bundt cake.

As for my sister, her teen daughters made her a cake that resembled a large Snowball. Doesn’t that cake look like so much fun! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a huge Snowball fan! Her daughters did a fantastic job!

My birthday is just two days away and my sister’s birth month is almost over, so today I did a little research online and found a list of Birthday Freebies. I have the Starbuck’s app and received an email today with my birthday coupon but I didn’t realize how many places offered free birthday items. Make sure to check it out!

Do you buy yourself a birthday gift? Do you celebrate your birth day or your birth month?

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