3 Common Blogging Problems And How To Overcome Them

In the early days of its introduction, blogging was primarily used as an online journal for those who wanted to document their lives. Gradually, blogging moved into the content marketing realm. Soon enough, it was discovered to be an effective tool for product reviews and online audience engagement. It is, therefore, not surprising that 57% of marketers have reached new customers through blogging. However, as a blogger, you may have realized that the job has peculiar problems. Here are a few and how to handle them.

  1. Few repeat visitors

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For bloggers, the very essence of their work is influenced by the number of repeat visitors to the site. It contributes to the blog’s long-term success, builds brand awareness and loyalty, and enhances the site’s relevance. As a blogger, generating organic traffic is excellent for SEO purposes. However, impressive organic traffic without repeat visitors could affect your short to long-term relevance. Having people who consistently visit your blog means your content appeals to them, or they identify with the posts and articles. 

Therefore, if your site doesn’t attract repeat visitors, it may be time to reassess your content and self-marketing techniques. You can start by encouraging readers to subscribe to your blog. This way, they would be compelled to come back to your site. Secondly, investing in unique content that readers can only find on your blog would be advisable. Furthermore, constantly updating your blog with relevant and engaging content would be a good idea. This way, readers would know there is something new and worth reading anytime they visit your site.

  1. Computer malfunctions

Unfortunately, malfunctions occur when you least expect them. And no matter the computer’s operating system, these sudden malfunctions can slow down blogging activities. If you’re fortunate, you may notice some signs before your PC, laptop, or tablet malfunctions. Bloggers who use newer versions of Mac computers may notice macOS Ventura known issues like compatibility, update, and installation problems. 

Keeping your machine software regularly updated would be best to avoid these downtimes. Also, remember to have the latest antivirus installed on your gadgets to reduce the risk of a data breach. All the relevant preemptive steps you take can enhance the quality of your blogging work.

  1. Low revenue or income from blog activities

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If you’re starting as a blogger, revenue may elude you for a while. A survey conducted in 2020 revealed that it takes anywhere from six months to a year to start earning some profit from a new blog. And even then, it will depend on the robustness of your marketing strategies. Some bloggers make an average of $50,000 in a year. Others make $100,000 and above in the same period. Indeed, the potential to make good money from blogging is indisputable, but it won’t be possible without the right structures.

At the same time, taking your primary focus away from making money in the first six months is advisable. On the contrary, take the period to work on branding, marketing, quality content, generating organic traffic, and improving your site’s SEO. Once the groundwork is laid, revenue will follow in due time.

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