3 Simple Foundations That Really Make You a Better You!

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Ensuring that you live your life as best as you can is all about having the right foundations in place. Ensuring you become a better you is such a massive subject that anybody can have their own unique opinions of what is effective for them. But we can all agree that there are some essential things that underpin what makes us better versions of ourselves.

Proper Sleep

Ask any parent what lack of proper sleep is like and they will tell you that it feels like a million hangovers all at once and a dash of depression thrown in for good measure. It makes you feel like the worst version of yourself. The fact is that improper sleep has such a bearing on every other aspect of your life, even if you think that you are trying to keep fit and healthy by exercising, you can easily run the risk of venturing into overtraining, even when you are barely training at all. 

This is why it’s important to ensure that you sleep properly first before you start to undergo any major fitness routine, especially if you’ve got issues like back pain. These days, you can get different mattress toppers for back pain, and https://thesleepshopinc.com/best-mattress-topper-for-back-pain/ can give you some insight here. Proper sleep means you will have a far better approach to being a far more functional you.

Not Getting Stressed

Plenty of people talk about the benefits of actually being stressed. And yes, little doses of stress can be fantastic for you because of its motivational qualities. The problem we all have, especially in a post-pandemic world, is that we are more chronically stressed than ever. This is why it’s far more important to start learning how to not feel so stressed. 

The best place to begin is to focus on your breath. People talk about mindfulness as an effective strategy and much like training a muscle, we’ve got to train our mindfulness. There are some fantastic resources out there, including guided meditations. Even if you don’t like the idea of guided meditations, https://www.mindful.org/3-guided-meditations-to-find-balance-during-moments-of-panic/ is a really useful guide to not panicking. The great thing about understanding the core principles of not panicking means that when you do feel stressed, even if it’s due to a lack of sleep you can begin to feel more in control of the situation.

Doing Something You Enjoy

It sounds simple, but if you are overworked, you find little time to have real joy in your life. Doing something you enjoy is a simple, yet fantastic way to ensure that you are benefiting in life. We can feel that we’ve got to push through and do our best in every single part of our lives, but when we give so much of ourselves, we’re never actually utilizing the things that make us happy. It could be as simple as watching an episode of your favorite TV show or having that time in the bathroom to yourself. Doing the things you enjoy will ensure that you practice regular relaxation and start being a better you.

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