6 Common Home Repairs You Can DIY

6 Common Repairs You Can DIY In The Home 

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It doesn’t matter whether you own property or rent an apartment. Occasional repairs in the home are unavoidable. However, how frequently or urgently you need to repair items in the home may vary depending on whether they are brand new or used. In some cases, it’s better to leave home improvement activities to the experts like electricians, plumbers, or other handypersons. There are other basic repairs you can do by yourself, including the following.

  1. Patching wall holes 

Cracks in Wall Corners can be just as frustrating as regular holes in your walls. Fortunately, with the right techniques and materials, you can also fix these unsightly imperfections, giving your space a fresh, smooth appearance. 

Even if you’re renting, holes in the walls are often inevitable. But unless you’ve crashed a car through it, you can repair most holes rather cheaply. You’ll need a few tools, depending on their size. Fill up each hole with a lightweight putty and scrape the excess off the walls with a spackle knife. Allow for the putty to cure before sanding the area smoothly. Then, using a primer, coat the mended areas. Patching bigger holes may require cutting, mudding, taping, sanding, and so on. You can reserve this job for the experts to guarantee the seams are unnoticeable after covering them with paint. 

  1. A leaky bathroom or kitchen pipe 

Most small pipe leaks occur at the P-trap and are typically caused by a worn washer or a missing or damaged compression nut. A simple DIY remedy for a drain pipe might be tightening a slip nut near the P-Trap. A flexible connection with hose clamps is also a DIY solution if a hole in the drain pipe causes a leak. Remember to turn off the water in the sink before you do anything else to avoid messes. Many sinks have a shutoff lever next to them, while others may be as far away as the basement. You can begin after the water has been turned off. Consider hiring a professional if the leak comes from a drain pipe within the wall.

  1. Stuck windows 

Your window may get stuck for a variety of reasons. These include debris or dirt in the window casing, shutting your window immediately after painting or not allowing it completely dry. You can loosen the windows using a pizza cutter or putty knife with a paint thinner and some cleaning supplies. Unsticking the window from the frame is an excellent place to start. Issues in your home foundation can also trap or misalign your window. For this type of problem, it is best to leave it to the professionals since it may require removing the windows completely. 

  1. Replacing light fixtures 

Electrical installations and repairs can be expensive. Investing a little time into researching and understanding your electrical system can give you the necessary knowledge to DIY some electrical jobs. You can complete low-voltage jobs such as replacing or installing new light fixtures since they are less likely to cause structural or personal injury. If you are unsure of your expertise or competence, or if the repair job involves more than 50 volts, it is advisable to bring in the professionals. 

  1. Clogged garbage disposal 

The hidden edges and dodgy noises can make the garbage disposal a big frightening machine. Aside from the primal fears, the clogged garbage disposal is simple to clear up. You can unclog it by inserting a small specialized wrench into a hexagonal aperture on the disposal’s underside while it is switched off. You are good to go if you have a plier, wrench, and flashlight. Sometimes, hitting the reset button a few times can also do the trick. Consider calling the specialist if the above procedures fail to unclog your garbage disposal. 

  1. Appliance repairs 

You can’t expect your home appliances to last decades without breaking down at some point. Many items, including your TV, rice cookers, dishwasher, and ceiling fans, can develop a fault. Fortunately, you may resolve many minor concerns with modest fixes. Online resources such as YouTube can be a great place to look if you are searching for how-to video guides. However, some appliances may require more than basic skills and sometimes require replacement parts. Got a dishwasher problem? You can find parts to fix your dishwasher available here to complete this job. 

These are a few common repairs you can DIY at home. It is easy to think of saving money when there’s something to be fixed at home. The decision of whether to roll up your sleeves and complete home repair tasks or sell professional help isn’t always straightforward. However, another crucial factor to consider is safety, and it will be the best way to avoid costs you’re not prepared for.

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