Good Habits Every Pet Household Should Have

Are you ready to adopt a dog? Dogs make excellent family companions and guardians. Some breeds are better suited for family life than others, though. If you have children, for instance, you want to think about this breed: Labradors are a great opportunity for children to take on some responsibilities in the household. Silver labs have basic needs that a child can easily learn to take care of. It is a fantastic way of bringing a new family member and helping everyone to grow a little in the process. 

Ideally, you want to consider the dog’s requirements before adopting:

  • An active breed will need a lot of physical activity. So, you’ll need to have a secure yard for them to go and play!
  • Senior dogs can be sweet and gentle, but they also need a lot of extra care due to their health. They are not the best choice for a first-time owner!
  • Dogs with a thin coat may need warm clothing in winter. 
  • More temperamental breeds are best suited to experienced owners who know how to train and handle them. 

If you buy from a breeder, you should make sure to check how they care for the animals and ask for the family history. 

But these things being said, once your heart falls for a pup, it’s impossible to resist. So, here you are, driving back with your dog in the car. It’s time to establish some new rules to keep your home happy!

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#1. Stay on top of the cleaning game

It would be unfair to blame all the dust and dirt at home on your pet. Dust particles travel, they stick to your shoes and clothes when you’re outside, they come through the vents and the windows, etc. However, the presence of a dog can dramatically increase dust inside your home! Pet hair and dandruff are the number one cause of allergy in families! So, it’s essential to keep up with the cleaning routine to protect your family’s health. Young children are more vulnerable to allergic reactions as their immune system is not fully developed. Therefore, you want to keep your home as fur-free as possible! As a rule of thumb, dog owners tend to vacuum twice to three times a week. They also wipe surfaces and floors more frequently to remove potential dirt and bugs that the dog might have brought from outside. 

#2. Share responsibilities

When the family adopts a dog, every member should be responsible for looking after the dog. One of the very first things you will need to do is find a good, health focused brand of food to give them, so that they may grow healthy and strong. A great place to start with this could be looking online at resources like Nature’s Blend Dog Food reviews for example, to get an idea of what other customers have to say about the specific products you’re interested in, helping you to make a well-informed decision.
Another thing you should consider is setting up age-appropriate chores for your kids. This will have many benefits. Firstly, you encourage your children to learn new responsibilities. It can be tricky to convince them to do their chores at first, though! However, it is an important lesson for them to learn.
Finally, when everyone is looking after the dog, you are more likely to spot health issues quickly. Many owners can find it hard to tell if their dog is poorly because only one person is looking after the pet. So, it can be tricky to spot problems when you only get to see your dog for a short time during the day!

#3. Create a dog bedroom

As tempting as it can be to invite your dog to sleep in your bed, this is only teaching your pet bad habits. Your dog also needs to unwind and relax without being disturbed. A dog bedding area, complete with a gorgeous designer dog bed, can give him privacy and safety. 

Additionally, in the long term, encouraging your dog to sleep on a dog mattress can protect his health for longer. Sleeping on the cold floor can end up shaving a few months or even years off your dog’s life. Comfort can significantly prolong their life expectancy!

So what does the ideal dog bedroom need? 

  • A warm spot inside the house
  • A washable dog bed
  • Easy access to food and water (the dog bed can be set where the bowl of food and water is)
  • Toys (even if the dog will likely take the toys out and leave them in the garden)

#4. Playtime

Buying your dog toys is not the same as playing with him. Playtime is a necessary element in a dog’s life, and it is crucial to building your bond with your pet. 

Playing with your dog keeps your pet active and healthy. Think of it as the equivalent of going to the gym for people! Playing is a cardio activity that engages the joints, the muscles, and the heart.  

Additionally, you can also use the playtime to use up all the pent-up energy. Dogs who don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation can get frustrated. They are more likely to cause damage at home. 

Last but not least, playing helps understand each other. Your dog learns to respond to your command more effectively. It can be an element of your training routine!

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#5. Training

Whether you choose to handle dog training by yourself or to take your pet to a specialist dog training school is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong decision. Every dog needs to receive appropriate training. It is unfair to expect your dog to be well-behaved and listen to you when he’s never received any form of training. 

Some training essentials include:

  • Responding to verbal commands such as come, stop, sit, stay
  • Coming when you call his name
  • Walking on a leash without pulling
  • Interacting with other dogs
  • Interacting with people

A well-trained dog can be a fantastic addition to the family. Dig parks make it easier to meet new people and make friends. You can book holidays in amazing outdoor settings with your pets. And, more importantly, you can take your dog with you anywhere you go without worrying about anything. 

Are you ready to adopt a furry friend? Dogs are as great companions as their families are great dog owners. In other words, it all starts with your good habits. From keeping the house clean and tidy to bonding with your pet over games and training, there is a lot you need to do!

Other mandatory habits that are self-explanatory but still need to be mentioned: You need to take pet health insurance and schedule at least one yearly vet appointment to check on your pet, even if he’s healthy. As for grooming, every dog should be groomed, but frequency and requirements depend on each breed. Do your research before adopting!

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