How to Prevent Pests From Making a Home in Your House

Pests are a fact of life. Most of the time, we can live alongside pests without even noticing that they’re there. However, once pests invade your home or garden, then you start having a problem. Some pests are destructive, damaging your belongings and property. Pests are usually unhygienic as well, bringing an increased risk of disease with them. If nothing else, pests are just unpleasant to have around.

If you have an infestation in your home or garden, then the best course of action is to call pest control and get the problem dealt with. Once the pests have been removed, then it’s time to focus on preventing any more pests from getting into your home.

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Regular Cleaning Routine

Pests are drawn to certain environments. They like areas that provide food and shelter, which might be why they invade your property. However, you can make your home less hospitable to pests my maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. This includes some daily tasks that will keep your home clean and tidy.  

You should pay particular attention to your kitchen, as this is where pests will be attracted to. If food is left around anywhere, then you’re more likely to end up with a pest problem that requires the services of Aptive Pest Control. So, if something is spilled or crumbs are left around, clean it up quickly. Ants and other pests will make a beeline for something tasty, so don’t give them the chance.


Cleaning your home and getting rid of any food messes is an effective means of Cockroach Control, and a good way to make your home less attractive to various other pests, but it will still provide shelter for them. However, if you block off their access routes into your home, then it’ll make it much harder for them to settle in.

If you do have to call pest control, then the exterminator should look around for access points and show them to you. This will give you the opportunity to get rid of these access points. Pests look for cracks and holes that allow them to invade. A colony of ants can find their way through a tiny crack.

If you keep your home well maintained and patch up any holes that you notice, then you will make your home less accessible for pests. The same applies to your garden. Pay attention to your fence and outbuildings and keep them in good repair. 

Pest-Free Compost

Speaking of gardens, many people seek to cut down on food waste and use it to create compost. This is fantastic for any budding gardeners, as you can use the compost to keep your plants happy and healthy. The downside is that compost can attract pests. To keep your compost pest-free, make sure that you don’t add animal products or cooked leftovers to the compost pile or bin. These are more likely to attract pests. You should also regularly move the compost around to help it break down and to prevent insects from breeding there. A closed bin is also less likely to attract larger pests.

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