Moving Hacks Explored: 4 Ways to Make Quicker

Moving day is a big deal. It’s the culmination of weeks (or months!) of planning, packing, and preparing to leave an old home and start a new one. 

But, it can also be one of the most exhausting days of your life. Between loading trucks, driving to your new place, and unpacking boxes… moving day can be stressful. 

These are some moving hacks to help you save time and energy on moving days.


Move on a Thursday or Friday

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If you can, try to schedule your move for a Thursday or a Friday. These are the days when your movers are most likely to be available. 

This is also when most people are at work, so there will be less traffic and more parking spaces available. 

Moving on a Thursday or Friday also means spending an entire weekend unpacking and settling into your new space. This will help reduce the stress and energy you expend on moving day.


Hire helpers and use tools

As friends and family willing to help you move for help. Even if they can’t lift heavy boxes or haul large appliances, they can help you stay organized and on schedule. If your new home is far away, hire professionals with experience in long distance moving

There are also several tools you can use to make moving day easier. 

One such example is a dolly. 

A dolly is a heavy-duty cart or frame that allows you to haul large or bulky items, like a bed frame or boxspring, up a flight of stairs. 

Other accessories are also on the market to help make your life easier on moving day. For example, packing cubes will help you organize your stuff for easy unpacking, and a bubble wrap roller will make it easier to wrap and protect fragile items.


Pack efficiently

One of the biggest ways to speed up the moving process is by making sure you pack efficiently. 

Start with the lightest boxes, and work your way to the heaviest. When you pack, think about how you will unpack. 

Make sure you have easy-to-read labels and keep a checklist of what is in every box, so you don’t forget anything. You might even want to take pictures of everything as you pack it (this is especially useful if you don’t want to put your breakables in boxes). 

Take your furniture apart

If you have large pieces of furniture that can be taken apart, do it. It will make the furniture lighter and easier to move around.

When you get to your new place, it will be easier to reassemble the furniture. Even if you can’t take the furniture apart completely, you can always stack things on top of each other.


Don’t Sweat It!

Moving day can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

By planning ahead, using efficient packing methods, and hiring extra hands, you can make the day quicker and less stressful for yourself. 

There are tons of moving hacks to make things easier on you and your crew, so there’s no reason why moving day can’t be a breeze.

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