Set Up a Great Guest Bedroom in Your Home

A guest bedroom is really handy to have if you have the space for it. Whether you can dedicate a whole room to your guests or you set up a dual-purpose room such as an office/guest room, it means you can offer guests somewhere to stay. It gives you the opportunity to let people crash for the night on short notice or to invite people to stay for longer periods. If you’re setting up a new guest bedroom, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make it comfortable for them and ensure your guests have a pleasant stay.

Make It a Double (If You Can)

If you have the space, setting your guest bedroom up with a double bed makes sense. It means there’s space for a couple or perhaps some good friends who don’t mind sharing a bed. If you want to go the extra mile for your guests, you could even kit out the room with one of the recommendations online for the Best Mattress 2024. A good quality mattress will leave them waking up refreshed and thankful they stayed with you, not to mention it will last longer than cheap alternatives! Another option is to put two single beds together so they can be used as a double or separated to use individually. For kids or unexpected guests, consider some camp beds or foldable beds that you can get out when they’re needed. You could also get a sofa bed so you can fold it away when it’s not being used.

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Don’t Forget to Include Storage

Your guests might only be staying temporarily, but they still might want to unpack. If you have people staying for a few days or even longer, providing storage means they don’t have to live out of their suitcase. There are a few types of storage you might want to include in your guest bedroom. Look at some bedroom tables for sale to give your guests somewhere to put nighttime essentials, such as glasses of water or books they’re reading. Somewhere to store their clothes will be appreciated too, especially for long-term guests.

Provide a Space to Relax or Work

When staying with someone else, it can be nice to have your own space for something other than sleeping. It allows them to have some quiet time to themselves, especially when they might want to avoid imposing on you too much. Sometimes your guests might also want a space to do some work. It could be helpful to include a desk and some comfortable seating so that any guests have a space that they can use for work or just taking a break. You could just include an armchair in a corner of the room.

Offer Some Nice Extras

Your guests will appreciate some extra touches to make their stay easier. You could include some items that people often forget, such as various toiletries. It can also be nice to offer some things like water bottles, phone chargers or other items that they might need when they’re staying with you. You don’t have to set your guest room up like a hotel room, but it’s useful to your guests if you provide some extra items.

Creating a guest bedroom in your home is a great way to be more welcoming to guests. Make your space comfortable and add some style too.

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