Smart Ways to Help Your Socially Awkward Teens

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A lot of kids find the teen years very awkward. Their bodies are changing, they are experiencing new and challenging feelings, and they often feel like they do not fit in anywhere.

It can be hard to see your child go through such an awkward period where they might struggle to make friends or to feel confident in their own skin, but there are lots of things you can do to help your socially awkward teen stress less, feel more confident, and ultimately flourish, including the following:

Help them with their social skills

If your teen is going through an awkward phase, one thing that can help them is to practice their social skills with them. For example, you could roleplay a situation in which they need to be assertive such as a job interview or asking a friend over, and let them see how it should be approached. Often, teens feel awkward because a situation is new to them and they don’t know how to act, by letting them practice, and by exposing them to as many social situations as possible in a way they feel safe, you can help them overcome this.

Help them to boost their confidence
When teens feel confident in themselves, they will be less awkward overall. So, doing whatever you can to boost their confidence, whether that means getting them invisible braces so they feel less self-conscious about their appearance, or praising the effort they have put into a school project, will certainly help them to overcome their awkward phase.

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Don’t get mad at them

Some parents will get mad and frustrated at their teens because they think they are being socially awkward on purpose. But, berating your teen about why they never go out with friends or why they never enter various school competitions, or whatever, will only lead to them feeling even worse about themselves. Treat them kindly and gently; encourage them to get out there and try new things, but don’t force them to do so, and don’t get angry when they refuse. It takes baby steps to help your teen through a socially awkward phase.

Encourage them to join clubs

Encouraging your teen to join clubs and societies that match their interests is a good way to get them out and mixing with people. They will be able to focus on the task at hand if things are too overwhelming, so there will be no pressure for them to mix, but chances are they will end up getting on with one or more of the other teens in the club eventually and friendships based on mutual interest are often longer lasting and more satisfying in any case. The hardest part will be convincing them to give it a try without being pushy.

It’s perfectly normal for teens to experience an awkward patch, but if your child is really struggling, and they could use a little help, the above ideas will help you to help them as best you can. Good luck.

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