4 Ways To Make Your Business Meeting Run Well

Photo by Christina Morillo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/women-colleagues-gathered-inside-conference-room-1181622/

No matter how far technology has come or how much it has changed how we work, a typical office meeting can still feel a little glitchy, and your clients will notice. You don’t want your client to feel uncertain about you or your business. If you just tighten up your client meetings, you might be well on your way to giving them more confidence and making them look forward to the next time they come to your office. So let’s look at how to make your meetings friendlier to clients.

Think About The Refreshments 

You might not think it’s important what you give your clients because you’re about to give them something of value through the meeting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be thought of and given a drink. Many offices have found that hiring a coffee machine and having a barista make coffee for their clients is a good way to start a conversation. It can also help people make small talk and build rapport, which can be hard to fake. You should also think about how this small action could change how the client sees you. Instead of being a cold contact on the other end of a phone call or email, you become a person sitting across the table from you and sharing a cup of coffee. If you have regular meetings with your clients, why not think about setting up a coffee bean subscription for the office through such companies as Iron and Fire, so you have specialty coffee beans each month to not only impress your clients but also give your office that pick me up it needs during those long work days.

Check Out The Location Of The Meeting 

Even if you have a room set aside for meetings, that doesn’t mean it’s your best choice. You want to look at a space that has natural light or at least soft, good lighting, as well as comfortable, modern furniture so that your clients don’t start counting down the minutes until they can leave. You should also make sure that the area is accessible to everyone. So, if there are lift repairs taking place, some people may not be able to access the higher floors. 

Wow Your Old And New Clients 

Even if you’ve been meeting with a client for months or even years, that doesn’t mean you should get comfortable and be afraid to change things up. Always look for ways to make meetings better. This could mean having meetings away from the office every now and then, or it could mean having informal meetings in staff areas so that people can see how you and your colleagues work together professionally. You want to show them that you value their time and that you’ve put some thought into these meetings so that they continue to meet their needs.

The Beginning Is Important

Too many businesses are in such a rush to get to their point that they don’t take the time to introduce themselves and the company as a whole. As a result, meetings aren’t as client-friendly as they could be. Tell your client about yourself and the other people on your team who will be at the meeting. They might not know that you have worked in other countries or built well-known businesses. They might also like to know that you are enthusiastic about your values and want to bring people to their business.

You should also describe your business in your own words. Don’t assume that they already know who you are, and don’t leave them to do too much research on their own. These introductions go both ways, so make sure you know what their jobs are and what motivates them. This will affect how you work together and what they want from you. People like to hear their own names, so don’t be afraid to be friendly.

We hope that you are now beginning to think creatively about how to handle your next client meeting, how to make your meetings more client-friendly, and what techniques and considerations can be developed to make this a memorable and beneficial exchange for the client.

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