Fostering the Frontline: How to Appreciate the Lowest-Ranking Employees More

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If we are to really focus on inclusion in the workplace, we’ve got to remember who it is that’s supporting everybody above them. When we have employees that are doing customer service roles, admin tasks, or cleaning the building, the fact is that these are all the people on the frontline that help us do our jobs better. We need to appreciate those that are on the lower end of the spectrum. How can we do this better?

Give Everyone What They Need

Cleaners need electric buffers and cleaning equipment, and admin workers need ink in the printers. When we have a full stationery cupboard or utility room, these things will ensure that everybody can do their job to the best of their abilities. When we give everyone what they need to do their job better, it’s hardly a surprise that they do it better.

Create More Opportunities

Everybody has ambitions. We don’t want people to feel like they are stuck where they are, because this means they’re not going to be motivated. You need to create more opportunities to ensure that everybody that works for you has the ambition to get to the next level. When we create more opportunities for our employees, whether it’s in the form of perks or progression, the mindset that embodies our business on a cultural level is far more productive. Everybody starts to think that they can move forward in the right direction. 

Don’t View Yourself As “Better”

The fact is we all need to remember the importance of pulling together as one. Nobody is better or worse. You are no better than anyone else, and nobody is better than you, and it’s important that everybody feels like they are on the same level. And when we start to realize this, this sense of equilibrium that occurs within the business is so beneficial. We need to spend more time speaking with employees that are supporting our business. In customer service or admin, these are the people that are somewhat segregated. But when they have to work in the corner of a large office or they aren’t asked for their opinions, we should not be surprised if they don’t feel valued or that there is an “us versus them” attitude.

Appreciate Your Employees for What They’re Really Doing

If you don’t show appreciation to your employees, turnover will be high, regardless of how many perks you provide. Everybody that works in an organization needs to feel like they are doing something that is benefiting the greater good. When you appreciate your employees for what they are doing, and that is enduring long boring hours photocopying documents or dealing with irate customer after irate customer, it is down to you to appreciate all this hard work. Some people manage to make it into an organization without working up the ladder. However, it’s a vital approach to career progression because it gives you a great sense of appreciation for what everybody is doing. 

When it comes to fostering the frontline, we’ve got to appreciate what they bring to the business.

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