Sock Matching Problem FIXED!

Years ago, I came up with the solution to keep myself from sitting for what seemed for hours, sorting socks for everyone! I found socks with holes, mismatched socks, etc that caused a pile of socks without matches. Does this happen to you? Are you the dedicated sock matching queen?

Here’s my answer to this, everyone in my family would wear the same socks since everyone could wear the same size. With everyone wearing the same socks, I didn’t have to sort socks and hunt down matches. Instead, if one sock had a hole in it, throw it away and just use another. This way you only lost one sock instead of losing a whole pair.

I have done this for years. Even my 22 year old who lives on his own still wears the same socks so when he visits, everyone can still share socks and not worry about if he left any of his socks behind because they all match! I hadn’t thought about this lately until I had this discussion with my sister. She has two girls, everyone wears white socks, without a preferred brand, so once a match is lost or too dirty on the bottoms, they’ve lost a whole pair of socks. I steer away from white socks because they are hard to keep clean looking and they don’t fare well when the kids keep walking outside in them.

My preferred brand of socks are Saucony which I purchase on Amazon. Every once in awhile I buy a new bundle of them for everyone so that we can freshen up our stock and keep our socks looking and feeling great. These socks are great because they fit to your feet, always stay in place and last a long time.

Do you have this sock sorting issue? If not, what is your sock sorting solution?

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