4 Easy-Yet-Impressive Cocktails You Can Learn To Prepare

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Whether you want to have something to serve the girls at your next get-together, or you are just wondering how best to unwind after a long day, having some cocktail recipes in the back of your mind is definitely hugely worthwhile. As it happens, there is a huge diversity of cocktails that you can learn to prepare, and it’s definitely worth knowing a few of them at least. Let’s take a look at some of the best that you should definitely know about.

Dry Martini

With real classic vibes behind it and a simple but strong taste, the dry martini is a true favorite all over the world. It is also known as a famously difficult drink to master the preparation of, so you might be wondering what it’s doing on this list. However, there are simple tips to help you along. First, use the best quality vermouth you can, because that’s where most of the flavor is. Next, make sure the gin is paired well, and again of high quality. Finally, place the cocktail glasses in the freezer for a few minutes before serving, and finish with a twist of lemon for that final look.

Aperol Spritz

On the much simpler end you have the well-loved and incredibly fresh-on-the-tongue aperol spritz cocktail. This is a great one if you are chilling by the beach or it’s a hot day and you just want something quite easygoing to be getting on with, nothing too crazy. It’s refreshing and crisp and light, and just really easy to put together. Mix aperol, prosecco, soda water and some orange slices, and you are pretty much there.


If you’re after a cocktail that will really punch you in the throat, you have to go for a negroni. This Italian drink has an equal measure of three strong spirits: campari, vermouth, and gin. Literally all you have to do is mix those three in equal parts. But what makes a negroni truly successful is when you also add in a little zest of an orange. That, on the rocks, is one of the most delicious, albeit potent, cocktails you can possibly prepare.


Everyone should learn how to make a mojito, because it’s one your guests and your friends will regularly ask for, no matter who you are or what you usually like to drink. It works with so many occasions, and again it’s just a light and refreshing number, primarily consisting of ice. You’ll need lime, mint leaves and a little sugar, with some rum and of course soda water. And if you want it to be a little extra special, finish it off with some fresh berries on top of the glass.

Those are just some of the most impressive cocktails you can easily make at home. All of these are worth knowing and even perfecting if you want to be a great host and if you are keen to ensure that you become known as the queen of the cocktails.

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