5 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Like New

Driving a brand-new car is like opening up a big box on Christmas Day, it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. There’s that sense of freshness, something new, unique, and exciting about driving a brand-new car. Since cars can be a very expensive investment, it’s important to ensure that you have car upkeep. Not many people can experience the joy of a brand-new car. However, these are some ways to make your car feel entirely brand new!

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Regular air-freshener replacement

Who doesn’t love that “new car smell”? If you want to make your car feel like it’s brand new again, then it’s all going to start with the scent. Your car needs to smell fresh, clean, and free of odors. The bad car smell can be a real headache. You can try to remove the smell by using your air freshener, but it will only last for a short time. While air fresheners may only last for about a month at tops, replacing them is important so your car can feel brand-spanking new regularly!

Clean the interior weekly

Chances are, you know someone that uses their car as a place that’s essentially a driving trash can. Some folks will have trash scattered all throughout the car, the seats, the floorboards; you name it! This is something you’re going to want to avoid at all costs. 

Not only will you attract bugs, such as ants, but you can also have the potential even to attract mice to your car if you have food and trash lying out. Cleaning your car’s interior is important because it will help maintain its resale value and keep the interior safe from damage. So, make sure that you’re cleaning up your home every week.

Keep your tires inflated properly

If you want to dodge some common car trouble then make sure to start with the tires. Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They provide a smooth ride and ensure you can drive on the road without any issues. It is important to keep them inflated as the manufacturer recommends to avoid any issues with your car. 

Tire pressure gauges are also available in stores and online for purchase. They help you gauge how much air pressure is in your tires and whether they need to be adjusted. Make your car look and feel like new by checking up on it regularly.

Wash your vehicle regularly

Just as the interior is important for making your car feel like new, the exterior counts just as much; washing your car regularly is important to keep it clean and prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. A car wash brush is a tool that can help you wash your car without any effort. Alternatively, you could just go to your local car wash to get the vehicle clean.

Don’t forget about the oil changes!

Oil changes are a great way to avoid costly repairs. But many people need to realize that they should be changing their oil every 3,000 miles or a few months a year. A great company is Kwik Kar Denton, as they ensure that your car is going to keep up to the best performance possible!

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  1. It’s amazing how new and nice your car can feel with a proper clean and maintenance job. We use our car to haul product to our craft shows and it gets dirty really quickly. I wish I could afford to have it detailed weekly so it felt new all the time, but we do what we can when we can for a refresher.

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