Essential Beauty Tips for Winter

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The winter weather can really do a number on your body. Not only can it make you feel cold and lower your immune system, so that you are more likely to get sick, but it can also cause your skin and hair to take a beating too.

That’s why, if you want to look your best this winter, there are a few things you need to do in terms of shaking up your beauty routine. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important beauty tips for winter months below.

Run a humidifier

This might sound like a strange thing to have on a list of beauty tips, but hear me out; in the winter months the cold, dry air can dry your skin out causing it to get flaky and sore. This is one of the most common causes of dry skin in winter, and it can affect the scalp badly too. Luckily, you can decrease the impact of dry winter air by simply running a humidifier in your home, to add moisture back into the air and back into your skin, scalp, and hair too.

Apply warm coconut oil to your scalp

Speaking of dry and flaky scalps one thing you can do to deal with that particular problem is to simply heat up some coconut oil until it is warm and in a liquid form, then apply it evenly to your scalp, massaging it in and leaving it for as long as possible before washing. This will add some much-needed moisture to your scalp this winter which will see flakes, dandruff, and crusty formations go away, and of course, your hair will be so much smoother and shinier too.

Use a leave-in conditioner

If the winter weather causes your hair to dry out and get frizzy, then one thing you are absolutely going to want to do is to find a leave-in conditioner that works with your hair. By leaving it in all day, your hair will stay sleek, moist, and protected from the winter elements in a way that it otherwise would not be.

Dry your hair

There has been a big trend for air-drying hair in recent months, and it is true that letting your hair dry naturally can be good for it because it gives it a break from high-temperature hair dryers and straighteners that can cause damage. However, in the winter, especially if you have long hair, it will take forever for your hair to dry, and when your hair is wet, it is in a weakened state, which means it is more likely to break when wet, especially if you go to bed with hair that is not dry. Also, if you go outside with hair that is still wet, it can actually freeze which will cause it to break too. It’s much better to dry your hair with a hairdryer in winter – just make sure you use heart protection products first.

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Tie your hair up

You might be someone who loves letting your luscious locks hang free, but if you want your locks to remain in good condition, then tying your hair back in a ponytail or bun could be a good idea as it limits the amount of exposure your hair gets to the elements which can prevent it from drying out becoming frizzy and even breaking if you are not careful. There are lots of great up-dos that look good in the winter, so why not give them a try?

Where a silk-lined hat

If you like to wrap up warm in winter, chances are you will wear a hat. Hats look cute and they certainly keep your head warm, but the friction between them and your hair can cause it to become frizzy and break. The good news is, you can buy hats lined with silk or satin, which are much smoother and which will not cause your hair to break when worn frequently. Invest in one and you will not regret it.

Do not use soap

Okay, so you can use soap on your body, but in the winter months, you should not use soap or cleansers containing harsh chemicals on your face. These will strip out your face’s natural oils, which means your skin will not be able to protect itself so well from the harsh elements and you will end up with skin that is dry, sore, and chapped if you are not careful.

Wear sunscreen

A lot of people do not bother wearing sunscreen in the winter months, but the fact of the matter is, if you are going outside for any length of time, you do need to protect your skin from the sun, and the effects of the sun on your skin, which can be prematurely aging, not to mention dangerous for your health. Even if it is really cold outside, that does not mean that there will be no sun around at any point, so it is always better to protect your skin and wear sunscreen.

Exfoliate regularly

Many people find that their skin is drier in the winter than at other times of the year. If you are one of them, and you want to maintain a fresh-faced glowing complexion, then you might need to exfoliate a little more often than you usually do to get rid of those dead skin cells and let your natural radiance shine through.

If that is the case, then try to find an exfoliant that is as gentle on your skin as possible; natural exfoliants like sugar scrubs are often good, because you don’t want to make your face red and sore when you are exfoliating.

Oh, and remember to exfoliate your lips too. The skin on the lips is particularly thin and delicate, so when it is exposed to dry winter air, it is often the first to crack and chap. That is why you should apply chapstick at regular intervals in the winter months too.

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Avoid hot baths

This is a tough one because there is nothing quite like a hot bath to make you feel all warm and cozy on a cold winter’s evening, but it is true to say that hot water can really play havoc with your skin in the winter. It will dry it out and make it even more susceptible to the elements, so a lukewarm bath or shower is better.

Moisturize right away

As soon as you get out of the bath or shower, you should also apply a thick layer of body lotion or moisturizer and let it sink in. If you do this right away, when your body is still damp, it will lock in more moisture than it would when applied to a dry body, which means your skin will be more emollient and better able to stand up to harsh rains, bitter winds, and biting frosts.

Remember hand and foot creams

In the winter, your hands are often more exposed to the elements, and your feet often tend to get quite cold too, which means they need some extra TLC at this time of year., Applying hand cream at least twice a day, but ideally, after each time you wash your hands and applying foot cream before you go to bed, will help to keep your extremities soft and supple, and your nails in good shape too.

Drink more water

We tend to think that we need less water in winter than we do in the summer months, but this is simply not true, The body needs the same amount of water pretty much whatever time of year it is for health, although you may need to drink a little more if you are sweating, and when it comes to your skin, drinking water in winter is vital. It will help to prevent you from getting dehydrated which is important because if your skin is dehydrated and it is ten exposed to the cold winter elements, chances are it will dry out and get flaky very quickly, and that is the last thing you want to happen.

Look after yourself

When winter comes around, it is more important than ever that you practice good self-care. There are more viruses going around and the cold can make you feel miserable too, and both of these things will have a negative impact on not only how you feel, but nut also how you look. So, practice good hygiene, make time to rest and relax with a good book and some hot chocolate and do everything you can to care for your body and mind this winter. Not only will you feel better for doing so, but you’ll look even more amazing too.

Winter might be the harshest month for your body, but if you add these essential beauty tips into your daily regime, then you can bet that you will look your best no matter how cold or how wet it is outside. So, what are you waiting for?

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