Five Signs That The Home’s Roofing Needs Maintenance

A roof is something that can easily be forgotten about because it’s often out of sight, out of mind. However, as it’s a major part of the property that keeps homeowners safe and warm from external elements, it’s something to be mindful of.

All roofing needs maintenance over time and with the right care to it, it’ll last the home twenty-five to fifty years. Here are five signs that the home’s roofing needs maintenance.

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It feels colder in the home

Does it feel colder in the home all of a sudden? An unexpected chill that isn’t simply caused by a drop in temperature outside, is a cause for concern. Considering that the roof is an insulator for the property and is the main insulation in general, a drop in temperature can be the result of a compromise in the roof’s structure; if that is the case, it may be worth exploring this Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide to Roofing to better identify potential issues in order to address them efficiently.

When it feels significantly colder in the home, it’s a viable reason to search for roofing companies near me and get the roofing inspected professionally, even if that’s just to rule it out as the potential cause of the temperature drop. Other reasons for the drop in temperature could have to do with the windows and external doors of the home.

There’s a leak coming from the ceiling

Is there a leak coming from the ceiling? If it’s coming from the second or third floor of the home, aka the top floor, then it’s likely coming from the roof or the guttering. When it comes from the guttering, it’s more likely to appear down the side of the walls. 

Any leaks coming directly from the ceiling are a clear indication of a roof issue and it should be addressed immediately. The more water coming through the ceiling, the further compromised it becomes.

There are visible gaps in the roofing 

Visible gaps in the roofing can often be spotted from the outside. It is all dependent on how tall the property is and whether the roof is angled in a way that can easily be seen.

For those roofs that can’t be seen easily from the ground, it’s worth having someone visit the property to check the roof. A replacement roofing contractor can inspect the roofing even if there are no plans to replace it.

It’s around twenty-five to fifty years old

With roofing lasting around twenty-five to fifty years at a time, it’s unlikely that a homeowner will need to replace the roof for a long time. For some, they may be fortunate enough to never need a replacement as long as it’s maintained properly.

However, there are some that can sustain enough damage that it needs replacing within this time frame.

There are visible signs of wear and tear in the gutters

When it comes to wear and tear, there are often visible signs that can be identified within the gutters themselves. Black specs are often a tell-tale sign that the roofing is damaged and may need looking at.

It’s important to get annual checks on the roofing to ensure everything is as it should be.

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