Five Things That Turn Potential Customers Away From Your Website

So you’ve got a fantastic business idea, solid products in stock, and great copy on your website. These are common elements of a successful online business, but what if you’re not getting the exposure and customers that you think you deserve? Could it be that your brand isn’t big enough? Maybe you think there’s too much competition in the industry.

One of the most common issues that startups face is that their website just isn’t user-friendly. Many startups use simple website building tools that end up creating generic and unusable pages. After tacking on some payment processing and images, they stop working on their website and focus on other things like new products.

But this is the wrong way to go about things. So in this post, we’ll be covering five really important things that can turn away potential customers from your website.

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1. You don’t offer reputable payment methods

The more payment methods you have, the more likely you’ll get paying customers. Make sure you align yourself with popular payment methods such as PayPal and you’ll get far more customers. You might even consider high risk credit card processing available here or even cryptocurrency payments if you have an audience of tech enthusiasts. In short, more payment methods means more likelihood of closing a sale.

2. You’re using generic images on your website

If you’re selling products on your website that are available from other stores, then make sure you switch up the images and take your own photographs. If you use the same generic images as other online stores, then potential customers may consider you as a lazy business.

3. There’s not enough copy on your website

Copy helps describe your products, your services, and your brand’s message. Write up helpful copy to explain what your products do, how they work, and also your promise to your customers. If it’s just a picture of the item and a buy button, then you’re not going to get the attention that you deserve. If you need help coming up with descriptions, then hiring a copywriter can make this step a lot easier.

4. There’s no information about you or your business

People are very cautious about buying fakes and supporting the wrong businesses these days. That’s why most people will read about a business to learn more about how they operate their company. If they know more about your brand and how you came to be, then there’s a much higher chance that they’ll pick you over a competing brand.

5. There’s no face behind your brand

If you’re concerned about the future of your business, then you should probably put a name or face to the brand. While it’s perfectly fine to run a company from the shadows, people will be more inclined to trust and side with a brand if they can put a face to it. It can be your face or even someone you’ve hired to be the face of your company. Either way, putting a face to your business can certainly help draw in more audiences.

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