What Digital Marketing do you Need for a Startup?

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If you’re starting a business and are new to digital marketing, you are in the right place. Some business owners realize they need digital marketing but don’t know where to start; there is always more to learn in digital marketing but starting with reliable basics is a sensible idea. 

Optimized Website 

A website is the starting point for any start-up business. If you are not confident in setting up a successful website by yourself, you could always consider hiring a web design company (you can check out an agency here) to complete the site to a high quality and optimise it to its fullest. A website gives the business a digital presence and visibility and allows you to develop some domain authority with effective SEO practices. There are two types of SEO to use on the website: on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO refers to the way you optimize the website pages; this includes the keyword you choose and the way you integrate them into the website copy and content. Off-site SEO refers to the way you build domain authority using guest posts and linking strategies in your content.

Social Media Marketing 

Any business can benefit from social media, but it’s especially useful for startups. Using major social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin is the best way to build brand awareness and communicate with your target audience. Start with a Facebook business page. 

Facebook personal pages are different from business pages, and you will need a business page if you want to improve your domain authority and acquire new leads for your business. Remember to stay non-promotions with the content you post and post content quite regularly. 

Content Marketing 

Social media marketing is a form of content marketing, but content marketing goes further. Content marketing is the process of creating content for your website to increase your domain authority, but it also helps prospects and clients to find your business when they use search. 

There are two kinds of keywords to think about, short-tail and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are very competitive because everyone uses them; long-tail keywords are less so but they still contain keywords. Learn more with MBA with a Digital Marketing Specialization.   

Email Marketing 

A lot of businesses lose out because they don’t use email marketing soon enough. Email marketing is another powerful digital marketing tool that you can use right from the start, but how can you start collecting emails to use for newsletters in your email marketing campaign? 

There are several ways to start growing your email lists fast; here are some of them. Offer enticing content upgrades in exchange for an email address, use exit intent pop-ups that offer users a discount code in exchange for an email, or partial and fully gated website content.   

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a broad term that includes all of the strategies above and more, but one thing we haven’t covered yet is digital ads for Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook use the same model of advertising; they use keywords and paid ads to make your business visible. It’s a popular route to explore, and it’s easy to find a digital marketing agency for restaurants and other businesses that can help to maximise the potential of these ads. 

The digital ads are paid, but they also work very well. These digital ads ask you to input keywords and create the ad you want your customers to see. If a prospect clicks on the ad, you will be charged, meaning you are only charged for clicked ads making advertising efficient. 

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