3 Key Fashion Trends for Winter 2022

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Winter is here once more and with it comes colder weather and less daylight. For many people, winter can be a time to get cosy indoors with relatives and loved ones and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a family living room as you sit down together to enjoy the latest films in the run-up to Christmas. Winter is also a key season for the fashion industry. Now that the restrictions posed on nations as a result of the covid-19 pandemic seem to have lifted permanently in most countries, winter is a time for social events and parties once more. This year marks the return of office Christmas parties, along with gatherings for groups of friends and families. With the return of social activities comes the increasing desire to wear some key clothing items that are on trend and suit the season. This article describes three fashion trends for winter 2022 and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Men’s Knitwear  

One key trend this year is the return to the high fashion of a range of men’s knitwear products. Knitted jumpers and cardigans are essential purchases for men this season. They can serve a range of purposes from smart casual office wear to being an ideal outdoor layer underneath a warm winter jacket for winter walks in nature. Companies, such as Burrows & Hare, stock a wide selection of high-quality knitwear products that can serve as a key piece of winter fashion in every man’s wardrobe. In terms of colours this season, look for knitwear products in neutral colours, such as cream and beige. If you want a more eye-catching colour and less muted tones, look for clothing that features bright blues, copper reds, or multiple tones. 

Sustainable Winter Fashion

This winter, increasing importance is being put on the value of sustainable winter fashion products. This can be achieved by following fashion trends, but purchasing clothing from charity and second-hand shops, rather than by buying new products. Once, this practice was common only among students whose narrow budgets meant that clothing costs needed to be minimized. Today, millions of people are seeking to add to their wardrobes by visiting charity shops and finding items that are back in fashion. If you would prefer to buy new clothing products, look to companies that promote minimal waste in their production or use recycled products in their designs. Today, there is a wide range of footwear manufacturers who create their products, from recycled base materials. See here for more information. 

Parker and Heavyweight Jackets

One winter trend that is a regular seasonal favourite in the fashion industry is the parker jacket and other variations of a heavyweight jacket. Parker jackets have a timeless look and come in a wide range of styles and colours. A good quality parker style jacket will offer the wearer warmth on the coldest of winter days and will look both stylish and casual, so can be worn for a range of situations. If you plan to be outdoors a lot during winter, choose a parker or heavyweight jacket that is fully waterproof and features high-quality padding materials in its construction, such as duck down. As a rule, the more high-quality padding a jacket has, the warmer it will be.

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