4 Fashion & Clothing Myths Debunked

Image Courtesy of Speak Easy

If you are a truly dedicated follower of fashion, it may well be the case that you have been following the laws of the fashion world religiously for many years and, of course, it is fair to say that some fashion rules are certainly worth upholding.

However, as for shopping for a special outfit for an event, or even when searching for clothing and fashion accessories for everyday wear, there are plenty of myths surrounding the fashion world that you simply need to stop trusting.

Here, to help, are the top four fashion and clothing myths debunked, right in front of your eyes. 

  1. Price Is Always Indicative of Quality

Now, in some cases, for example, when comparing the price of a new car just off the forecourt to an old banger that you bought off your friend for a couple of hundred pounds, the price difference will indicate a better product.

However, when it comes to the world of clothing, shoes, and accessories, especially these days, with the plethora of online stores and cheaper clothing outlets, it is impossible to now predict a correlation between the price of a garment and the quality. 

  1. Wedding Attire Should Be Expensive 

Maybe you are currently looking around for a wedding dress and are gathering your inspiration and ideas together and are worrying that you may not be able to afford that £10,000 dress you have seen in Vogue.

Listen, your wedding day is your special day and, as such, if you feel like a beautiful bride in your dress, it simply does not matter if your wedding dress is from Armani or Asda. 

  1. Only Skinny Women Can Wear Tight Clothes

Perhaps the most frustrating and somehow still enduring fashion myth of all is that it is only skinny women that can wear tighter clothing and that larger women should have to stick to baggier clothing. If you are unsure as to what to wear as a larger woman, then visiting a prestigious and established plus size boutique, either online or in-person, will truly make you realise that you can wear exactly what you want to do, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

If a certain item looks good on the hanger but just does not seem right on your own body, this is going to be because of either the fabric or the cut of the item itself, rather than your shape.

  1. Showing Your Skin in More Than One Place Lacks Class

The fourth fashion myth to be debunked on this list is related to how much skin you are ‘supposed’ to show when putting an outfit together, especially for an evening event. 

Even though you may have heard, time and time again, that showing skin on the top half of your body, as well as on your bottom half, is a sign of a lack of class, this is entirely incorrect and, instead, the garment itself can either be classy or, indeed, not quite as much. 

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