4 Ways: Make Your Sitting Room Family Friendly

Out of all the rooms in your home, your sitting room is the one place that is most likely enjoyed and used the most often by all members of your family. 

Sometimes, it can understandably be a struggle to strike a balance between an aesthetically well-presented, clean, tidy appealing space and one in which you are comfortable with letting your kids play with their toys and make a mess.

So, with that being said, continue reading to discover four key ways to make your sitting room both adult and child-friendly.

  1. Consider an Open Plan Room

If you are not just looking to redecorate the space but are instead wanting to transform it, then one thing to consider would be to make the sitting room open plan.

This way, you could create a family-friendly kitchen area whereby you all eat your dinner in the kitchen, and the living room is more of a relaxing space for everyone once the family has eaten and is settling down for the night.

With an open-plan ground floor, you can relax in the sitting room and have a full vision of your children playing in the naturally messier kitchen space in between, making the whole of the floor considerably more family-friendly. 

  1. Invest in a Stunning Corner Sofa

Once you have a corner sofa in your sitting room, you are unlikely to ever go back to a traditional shaped three-piece suite, and the beauty of such a design feature is that children can comfortably snuggle into the sofa when playing, as you can once they have gone to bed. 

Stunning couches in modern designs and textures from reputable and established suppliers, such as ligne roset chelsea, will make your living room as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as it is an enjoyable place for your children to read and play. 

  1. Install Built-In Storage 

Two things are absolutely guaranteed when you become a parent: you will have never loved anything more than your child, and your home will never be truly tidy again. 

In terms of the latter, there are several solutions to consider, the most practical and functional being investing in some quality built-in storage units to place around the room. These days, you can make such units as obvious and eye-catching as you would like, or equally as easily, you can have them just seem like another item of furniture. 

  1. Have Separate Zones

Finally, as touched upon above, you cannot keep your sitting room entirely free of kid’s toys and other paraphernalia all the time, even with as much storage as you can fit into the room, and as such, having two separate zones is also a popular choice. 

Even if you decide to have a zoned-off two-seater sofa on one side of the room that your children are not allowed to go anywhere near, this will at least give you a relaxing place to spend time in the room without worrying about sitting on a piece of Lego. 

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  1. Thankfully, we have a basement that is finished that we can send the kids to. It has all of the toys and games down there so the parents can relax upstairs while the kids trash the basement LOL

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