Anti Inflammatory Creams WORK!

Many years ago I had a major knee surgery and since then, I have to keep my knees active and give them a little extra TLC. My knees tend to feel extra stiff when the cold weather comes around. I have been trying to put in a little extra time for the gym which always helps, but at night time I have a few secrets which keep my knee pain away.

  1. Pain Relief Gel Anti Inflammatory Cream

I rub these creams on my knees before bedtime. The combination of these creams feel great and give off a tingling feeling. This pain relief gel works for arthritis, sprains, joints and muscles. This anti inflammatory cream works on bruises as well. My doctor says that I have arthritis in my knee which causes it to be sore on the backside of my knee. This anti inflammatory cream really helps with this soreness.

This is part of my night time regimen but now that I’ve shown this to my teenage athlete, he asks to have it rubbed on his back before bed. He is on the high school football team, basketball team and track team. He also hits the gym daily so his body is super tired and sore come night time.

2. Knee Massager With Heat and Vibration

I like to use the knee massager while watching television after all my chores are done for the night. This unit is on a rechargeable battery so you do not have to sit near a power outlet. It slowly warms up your knees and offers a few vibration modes to choose from.

As I mentioned above, I had major knee surgery a few years ago that kept me down for a few months. In order to make a full recovery, I was set up with a physical therapist and given exercises for post knee surgery. The doctor said that if I kept the weight off and stayed active at the gym, I could postpone surgery on the other knee or even put it off all together. With this being said, I know that I must always take care of my knees and stay as active as I can.

After my knee surgery, I was given prescription anti inflammatory cream to use at night time. A few months ago I asked my knee doctor for anti inflammatory pills. I tried these for a month, couldn’t feel any difference so I didn’t refill the prescription and have gone back to using over the counter anti inflammatory cream. Even though the idea behind it is medicinal, it adds that extra night time pampering that hits the spot! I look forward to the cooling, tingling sensation and my knees thank me!

Do you have issues with sore joints, aches or arthritis? If so, give an over the counter anti inflammatory a try!

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