How to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday Who Hates Surprises

For some people, they will spend an entire week enjoying one birthday gathering after another, reveling in the accompanying gifts, streamers and fuss.

Conversely, you may well have a friend who simply cannot stand even the slightest hint of a surprise party, yet you still want to mark the occasion. If so, then continue reading to learn how to celebrate a friend’s birthday who absolutely hates surprises.

Arrange a Low-Key Dinner with Friends

There are a million reasons why your best friend hates even the slightest mention of their birthday; they could be an introvert who never wants to be the center of attention or something traumatic could have happened at the same time as their birthday – so it always serves as a reminder to something they would rather forget. 

Showing your love to someone in this position can be tricky and especially if you are part of a tightly knit friendship group, arranging a low-key dinner with friends within the calm surroundings of a traditional Indian restaurant Bristol would be a great way to celebrate without overtly mentioning it. 

Gift Them an Experience

Sometimes, even for people who have no particular problem when it comes around to their birthday, it can be a little awkward and embarrassing opening birthday gifts in front of the person who gifts it and feeling as if they have to fake happiness and be overtly outwardly grateful.

To avoid putting a friend in this position and even more so if they have always been ‘funny’ around their birthday, you could instead choose to gift them an experience, such as a day out at a theme park for example, and simply give them a birthday card with the gift inside. 

You might also want to consider putting money inside the card if you want to add a little extra. But instead of just putting it in there, think about adding some entertainment to it and look at how you can do dollar bill origami to make it fun and turn this into an experience itself. Who knows, they might get a kick out of that falling onto their lap!

Show Your Love Virtually 

If you want to let you know how much you adore, appreciate and value your friend’s presence in your life and still feel as if their birthday is the ideal day to do this, instead of showering them with physical affection, write down how you feel instead. 

On the morning of their birthday, send them a text or message on social media and write how you feel here, which allows your friend to read the message and birthday sentiment in their own time, rather than feeling uncomfortable if you told them this face to face. 

Online birthday cards are also a brilliant way of conveying your birthday congratulations and you can even personalize the card with a photograph of the two of you together sharing happy times. 

Do Your Research

Finally, if the particular friend in question seems to have a real, emotionally deep-set, problem with anything even remotely referencing their birthday, it may well pay to do your own research into why, generally, birthdays can be such a triggering time.

Expanding your knowledge on the psychological processes associated with such issues will not only help you to better understand your best friend and guide you on how to act but will also be useful should your friend choose to open up to you in the future on the subject.

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  1. I seriously hate getting gifts. I feel so awkward. But I love giving them. I like the idea of a gift that goes away, like a spa day or an experience. Gifts that clutter just aren’t my jam.

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