How to Live an Eco-Friendlier Day-to-Day Life

Living an eco-friendly life is, like most other things in life, a spectrum, and for some people, they are proud of themselves for washing out a yogurt pot before throwing it in the recycling, and subsequently, feel they are doing enough. 

However, if you are someone who wants to start being considerably more environmentally friendly daily, then you have come to the right place.

Here is how to live an eco-friendlier day-to-day life for the long term and to do your part in helping preserve the natural environment for future generations. 

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Thankfully, most of the major superstores and even smaller, family-run stores are starting to entirely replace their plastic bags with paper or canvas alternatives, and even though they may be slightly pricier, they are hugely better for the natural environment. 

Plastic bags:

  • Kill 100,000 animals every single year.
  • Toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere when plastic bags are produced.
  • Plastic can expose your children and pets to harmful fumes.
  • The pollution of plastic seriously disrupts the natural wildlife food chain.

Change Your Regular Mode of Transport

The kindest mode of transport when it comes to the natural environment is to walk wherever you can and this is also the best thing you can do if you are looking to improve your physical health too. 

However, it is understandably entirely impractical if you need to travel to work every day and you do not work at the end of your street, so a much cleaner alternative to driving a car is to treat yourself to an electric scooter from reputable suppliers, such as  

Monitor Your Home Energy Usage

Not only will monitoring your home energy usage mean you will start to see substantial cost savings in your monthly heating and gas bills, but you will also lower your carbon footprint in the process. 

Keep your lower thermostat lower than you have been doing as a standard and only increase the temperature when you need to heat your home. If you are a little chilly, wrap yourself up in a blanket instead. Always keep any electrical appliances unplugged when you are not using them and wash your clothing at a lower temperature and a slower spin cycle. Additionally, consider swapping out all your existing lightbulbs with more economical and eco-friendlier energy-saving alternatives. 

Stop Wasting Water

Similar to the point above, when you use less water for even a month or two, you will instantly start to notice a reduction in your bills. 

Stop buying plastic water bottles, and instead, invest in a quality reusable water bottle to refill every single day, and when you take your morning shower, try to use less water. Everyone loves a bath but try to limit the number of baths you have because this is a lot of water to buy and then subsequently waste. 

Finally, a water filter will be a prudent investment to filter your tap water, instead of buying water while you are out and about. 

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