How to Make Your Newly Built Home into a Stunning Character Property

Photo Courtesy of Luce’s Chimney

New properties are filled with builder’s finishes. Not only are these finishes uninspired, they are also usually cheap. If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your property immediately, upgrading those finishing touches with something unique and wholly you is a must. These upgrades are relatively cost-effective as well since they rarely require large renovation projects. Instead, you can enjoy new character features for less and sooner to boot. 

Upgrade the Fireplaces 

If your home has fireplaces, these are prime candidates for an update. Builder’s fireplaces tend to be very simple and unassuming, but you want something like a fireplace to stand out so it can act as the focal point of the room. The good news is that there are companies out there like Stonewoods that offer stunning vintage recreations that will help you add immediate character to your home. Many are even gas-powered, making them a good choice even if you don’t have a chimney. 

Add Texture to the Walls 

For centuries, textured walls have been an easy, effective way of adding dimension and character to any space. There are so many ways to do this as well. You can add paneling, add character accents, and can even add character not naturally found in your home, like exposed bricks, with ease. The key to doing this successfully is to look through design ideas and simply choose what you love the most. Will your style of paneling go out of fashion? Probably, at least to some. So long as you love it, it’s a good upgrade. 

Hunt Down Vintage (or Inspired) Hardware 

The builder’s finishes in a new property leave very little to be desired. That’s why the fastest and easiest way to do away with the cookie-cutter look is to change a few hardware choices. If you want handles to look uniform throughout your home, you’ll want to look for vintage-inspired options that add that classic character but come in enough units that you can actually cover your entire home. It would also be a good idea to read a few guides that cover door handle installation before you rip all of the old ones out, as it will avoid the embarrassing situation of having doors without handles on them. For hardware in your front door, however, you can have far more fun. Since you only need one door handle, letter slot, and knocker, you can look for exciting vintage pieces that will really make your door stand out. 

Use Paint, and Be Bold 

Even if you love white, chances are the color they’ve painted your home isn’t the greatest. At a minimum, you should repaint it with a high-quality option in the same shade. If you really want to make your home feel like your own, however, go bold. If you’re scared, follow DIY interior designers to see how bold can be beautiful, even if you use neutral colors. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Structural Character 

Textured walls are just one example of this tip. You can also change out the boring, cheap floors for reclaimed wood. You can add wood beams to the ceilings. Many of these projects can be done quite quickly, especially if you hire out. All you need to really bring them to life is the vision; from there, it’s a breeze. 

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