Luxury Home Additions to Invest In

While depressingly, having a home is now a luxury in itself rather than an essential, the lucky ones that have managed to afford security in the form of a home also have the chance to give it further upgrades to make it the ultimate living experience.

If you are in this boat and you are looking to either treat yourself or add more value to your home, then you are in luck – this piece is for you!

It can be difficult to know what is worth investing in, depending on the goals you have in mind for your home, so read on for some inspiration on taking your home to the next level.

1)   Heated Flooring

Almost everyone has taken that morning walk to the bathroom gingerly, mentally preparing themselves for the moment their toes touch the tiles. Even when it is not cold outside, the floor remains characteristically the nemesis of the midnight pee or the early morning start.

Heated flooring sounds like an extravagant addition, and perhaps it is, but it will almost definitely change your life or, at least, your mornings.

You can actually have heated flooring in any room of your house. So, for example, if you are more of a midnight snack person and do not want to brave the cold kitchen floor any more than you have to, you can choose to keep that floor warmed through instead.

If you are interested in finding out more about underfloor heating, then speak to your local electrical wholesalers for more information on keeping your trotters toasty.

2)   Transform Your Basement

If you have a perfectly decent space in your basement and you are using it for storage of childhood toys and cobwebs, you are missing out on a conversion opportunity that could bring value, both emotionally and financially, into your life.

While costly to transform a space into a room that has not been used as one before, the opportunities are endless once the fundamentals have been set in place. This includes factors such as making sure the structure is sound, waterproofing it with companies like adam basement for example, having electrics installed, and monitoring the humidity and temperature. Even if you are not sure what exactly you want to do with it, getting it ready means you can act on your ideas as soon as you have them. You could make your basement into something that really brings a lot of joy to your home and it could potentially raise the price as well. Home theaters, an extra bedroom, or a studio can be pretty popular choices.

3) Furnishings Made From Natural Materials 

Natural materials are some of the most luxurious and sought after items when it comes to interior design, so adding a few natural touches to your home will no doubt upgrade it like never before. You can take your en suite to a whole new level by decking it out with marble flooring, or dazzle your guests with shiplap wall planks in your spare bedroom. You can invest in a grand oak dining table perfect for hosting amazing parties, or revamp your lounge space with a comfortable leather sofa. There are so many different options to explore, so take some time to check online, visit local estate sales for antique or vintage pieces, or even create or design your own to get a totally unique item or style. You’ll soon see just how luxurious your home can look with a few natural upgrades!

4) Functional Outdoor Area

Many of us know how good getting outside is for our health, and being able to have that on your doorstep is a massive plus. Not only do you not have to go out into the general public to get a whiff of the spring flowers, but you also will have somewhere to have friends and family over when the nights get lighter. Furniture, a fire pit, and a barbeque would make excellent accessories when you have created the kind of outdoor area you would like – whether that is a patio, a wild garden, or a little bit of both!

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