Why Moms Should Take Up Fishing

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More women are taking up fishing. It’s a trend that’s been continuing for several years now. But why? 

Here we find out. We take a look at all the reasons why moms should take up fishing, and why you should, too!

You Can Get Away From Everything

Life can be stressful for moms sometimes. It’s so complex and there are many things that you need to do. 

But when you go fishing, you can leave all of that behind. It’s just you and the open water (and perhaps some fish if you’re lucky). 

Fishing is often a solo pursuit, meaning you get a lot of time to yourself. You don’t have to watch the clock or constantly entertain other people. It really is your day off. 

You Learn How To Navigate Open Water

People with real boating skills are few and far between. While there might be dozens of pleasurecraft in your local harbor, hardly anyone knows how to operate them properly. 

But when you go fishing on the coast, you learn all this and more. You find out how to be captain of your ship, so to speak, and the conditions on the water. You also learn how to stay safe, building your survival skills.  Once you’ve found out the Best fishing days and times in your area, you’ll then be all set to begin your journey as a beginner fisher, putting all your newfound skills to the test.

Once you are able to use your boat like a pro, you will become more in tune with what it requires, for instance, if a part is worn down or you notice the boat is performing like it normally does, then you can search for turbocharger parts, or whatever it is that you need that will get you back on that open water and casting off once again.

You Learn Basic Knots

Don’t worry if you didn’t join a girl guides group when you were young. Fishing teaches you how to tie all sorts of knots at the end of your line. 

Most knots are beginner-friendly. However, there are some more advanced versions you should be aware of. 

You Change Your Identity

Whether it’s women’s fishing shirts or getting used to the cold, fishing changes who you are. You start considering yourself to be an outdoors-type person. You’re not afraid of wintry days anymore, or even going home late at night. For you, it’s all about the experience on the water and what it brings to your life. 

You Eat Healthier

Many anglers practice catch and release. But if you take fish home to eat, it can be a great way to improve your diet. You’re not getting farmed fish. Instead, you’re getting wild-caught protein with plenty of healthy fats inside it for your body, plus vitamin D. 

You Get A Thrill

Moms should also take up fishing because of the thrill it brings. Catching a fish on a line is an age-old experience that feels great. It’s something everyone should experience in their lifetime. 

The reason it’s so thrilling is because of how long it takes to catch fish. Most of the day, you’re waiting for a bite. Just when you’re about to give up, a fish will interact with your line and you’ll be able to reel it in. 

Sometimes, catches are small. But, occasionally, you’ll catch something enormous, which can be a real thrill if you’ve never done it before. 

You Can Explore Nature

Lastly, fishing makes it easy to explore nature. You can visit the most beautiful natural landscapes and take photographs of your adventures. You get to visit places most people only dream of.

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