9 Items to Buy When Your Child is Interested in Playing Baseball

It is the time of the year to start prepping for baseball season. Before your young athlete takes to the field, you will want to make sure that they have everything that they need to be successful behind the plate and on the field. Here are nine essential items to buy if your child is interested in playing baseball this spring.

Appropriate Bat

The essential piece of equipment for any baseball player is a quality bat. Be sure to check the rules in your specific league before making this big purchase. There are a variety of regulations that you must adhere to depending on the age of your player and within the league that are participating. Your coach will be a good resource when selecting the right bat for your player.

Batting Helmet

Along with a bat, your player will also need a batting helmet. Although most youth leagues will provide this important piece of safety equipment, some parents choose to purchase their own helmet. Should you choose to go this route, be sure that your helmet adheres to league regulations. For example, some leagues mandate that a player wear a face mask along with a helmet.

Fielder’s Glove

Every baseball also needs a good fielder’s glove. It is recommended to buy this glove in advance to give them time to break it in. It is also vital that you consult with a professional to ensure that the glove is the right fit. Do not buy a glove that is too big hoping that your child will grow into it. A glove that does not fit right will only make it more difficult for your player to properly field the ball.

Catching Equipment

Depending on the position of your player, catching equipment may also belong on your list of baseball essentials. As players get started with the sport, they will usually find catching equipment available to use throughout the league. However, many catchers prefer to purchase their own equipment if they decide to specialize in this position.

Uniform Accessories

While most leagues will provide the appropriate uniform, it may be up to you to purchase the coordinating accessories. For instance, some leagues will provide the jersey and the baseball cap but it will be up to the parents to purchase the appropriate baseball pants. Other accessories to consider include socks and a belt. When purchasing these items you may want to learn more about custom designs you can request on them, so that your child is coordinated with their uniform. 

Turf Shoes or Cleats

Most baseball players will also need a special type of turf shoe or cleat designed for baseball fields. Like the bat purchase, it is a good idea to check with your league to determine what type of baseball training shoes will be the best for the fields that your child will be using for games and practices. Note that baseball cleats are different from soccer cleats because of the toe cleat.

Water Bottle

It is vital to stay hydrated when participating in any type of athletic endeavor and baseball is no exception. Do not count on water being available to your player in the dugout. When it comes to water bottles, ease of use is important. This is particularly true for younger players. A spout top or flip lid will make the water more accessible.

Gear Bag

With all of this equipment and accessories, it is no surprise to learn that you will need a bag to haul all of your gear to and from the fields. A specialized baseball equipment bag includes all of the pockets and separated sections to hold bats, gloves, and other pieces of gear.

Miscellaneous Protective Gear

In addition to a batting helmet, you will also want to invest in a few pieces of miscellaneous protective gear. A mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment for infielders that are more likely to take balls to this part of the body. A protective cup is also necessary if your child will be catching. Other good pieces of gear to keep in your bag include a sturdy pair of sunglasses and batting gloves.


This list will get you started as you gather the essentials that your player needs to be successful in the sport of baseball. You will be glad that you started the process early.

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