Dealing With A Change In Your Lifestyle: Tips For Staying Calm

Life changes from time to time – it’s a simple fact. We follow a routine to get through the days, especially when we’ve got family to care for, but things often get shaken up. However, these moments can be stressful. A change we know about is hard enough, but unexpected ones wipe us out! 

And being a parent is stressful enough already – you don’t need more worries! So when a change happens in your lifestyle, it’s best to take the days as they come. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but with a bit of practice you can manage it! We’re going to help you with the tips below; check them out if things have changed and you’re finding it a struggle. 

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Talk About Your Feelings

This is always the best thing to do in these situations. If you’re struggling with a recent change, talk about it! Get it out and don’t let it bottle up. You’re probably surrounded by people who love you and want to talk, and it’s never a bad idea to let them in when you’re feeling rough. 

A kind word goes a long way during times of change. Even if you feel bad about needing to scream and shout, do so! Plus, if you start the discussion, the people around you will feel like they can follow along. 

Separate Your Day into Sections

Now it’s time to be practical. If you’re going through a change such as a move or your kids have moved school or you’ve got someone new living with you, section out your days. Draw up a new schedule you can follow for the foreseeable future, and make sure you show it around. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect, as it’s probably not going to be permanent, but it does need to be flexible. Get a sheet of paper out and draw up a standard timetable, include all the potential things going on in your life, and make sure you leave time for yourself in there as well! Even if it’s just 10 minutes, this little breather will go a long way to alleviating the stress.

Ask for Help as Often as Possible

Asking for help often feels like a line that shouldn’t be crossed. You’re an independent adult, and a parent to boot, and you should be able to handle things yourself – right? Not always! You can ask for help when you need it, from both loved ones and professional services, and it doesn’t make you any less capable. 

Sharing problems means half the work. Say you just got a new job and the hours are very different to what you’re used to. Why not ask your partner or your parents to weigh in a little heavier on childcare and housework until you’re settled? It might be tough to ask, but you’ll get way more ‘yes’ answers than you expect! 

Don’t Let a Puppy’s Energy Get You Down

Pets are stressful. We don’t say it, but it’s true! And if you’ve just brought home a new dog, you’re probably massaging your temples over the amount of energy this little creature has. You might have lost sleep from how early they get up, and you’ve definitely had to take a breather after they’ve chewed up another shoe or book you love! 

Even though you love your new puppy, there’s a lot of stress involved in trying to raise and train it. Just like bringing a new baby home, there are negatives alongside the amount of joy you get from the new addition to the family. Which is why puppy training online is such a popular choice for people like you. If you can’t keep up with your puppy, get someone else to weigh in and show you how. Once again, you’re not alone here! 

Talk to Your Boss

If the change is affecting your home life, one of the best things to do is make your work aware of what’s going on. And while going into the boss’ office is intimidating, it might be the number one thing you need to do right now. 

Talk to them about your potential new responsibilities, and how your hours might need to change, and get this talk in early. Once it’s out of the way, it’ll be a real weight off! And this kind of proactiveness is always rewarded in career circles, so don’t feel bad for needing to have this conversation in the first place. 

Combine Parenting Activities

If you’ve just brought a new baby home, and you’ve already got a young child or two to take care of, you currently have the most full plate anyone could ever have! Which is why it’s key to combine your parenting activities as much as possible. 

Sleeping times, feeding times, playing times, etc., can all be shifted around a little to closely align each child’s schedule. It might take a few weeks of practice, and might involve a few tears and tantrums, but it’ll be easier for everyone involved. 

Practice Coping Strategies

Finally, think about ways to keep your heart rate low. In doing so, you’ll help your blood pressure to stay down, which means less headaches overall! Most of this will center around the way you breathe, but you can also look into Yoga and meditation to help you stay calm too. Coping strategies might seem small, and a few deep breaths might not seem worth it, but they have a real physiological effect on your nervous system. 

Dealing with changes in your lifestyle is hard, even when you’ve got positive changes on the horizon. However, if you’re finding it hard to stay calm and then go with the flow, there’s a lot of help out there available to you. So talk about the way you’re feeling, make plans when you need to, and make sure you have breathing and meditative strategies on your side. And remember, you can soon become accustomed to a change; just take it day by day!

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