Meet My Husky Zeeva!

My Husky, Zeeva, is SO smart, she has started hiding from me in order to get her way. It started out when I would not let her sleep in bed with me at night. She would lay right in the middle of the bed which kept me pushed over on one side of the bed where I couldn’t move or adjust the covers. In order to keep her off my bed, I would shut my bedroom door until one night, when she decided to hide. The first night, she hid under the bed then cried to get my attention when I came to bed. When she saw that tactic didn’t work, she decided to try Plan B.

She hid under my bed, then would lay quietly under the bed for a few hours until she thought I was sleeping, then she would jump up on the bed. Finally I decided that if she was going to go through all of that to lay on the bed, I might as well let her. Since then, Zeeva has learned to stay on her side of the bed and sometimes she still hides until she thinks I am sleeping.

Hiding can get a little irritating when I can’t find her. After opening and closing all the bedroom doors and calling her name, I start to get worried that she may have slipped out the door and ran away. The other day as I was going through the house calling for her, I decided to look under my bed and there she was! Quietly laying under the bed, hoping I’d leave her there when I left the house so she could have the whole house to herself. I tried coaxing her out with treats and she did NOT want to come out. Finally I threw the treat in the other room and she gave in and ran to grab the treat.

Here’s how I usually find our Husky Zeeva each morning when she doesn’t make it to bed with me at night. She curls right up on the couch like a person. Zeeva has SO much personality!

Do you have a family pet? Does your pet like to hide from you? What is your pet’s best hiding trick?

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