Fun Pet Canvas Portraits Bring Smiles

Meet Zeeva and Dakota, the sisters in crime! Zeeva, the husky is about to turn eight years old and unfortunately Dakota passed away last year but will always remain in our thoughts. These two were inseparable, with Dakota always in the lead.

Now that Dakota is gone, Zeeva is a bit lonely and craves all the attention that she can get. She believes that she is in charge, so if you don’t give her the attention that she wants……watch out! She got hold of my son’s new shoes and when he put them on, his toe went through a large hole in his shoe! Zeeva says that’s what he gets for leaving his shoes lying around and not putting them in his room.

The walls in my son’s room are a little bare, so I’ve been looking for some decorations for his room. I searched through sports ideas and happened to come across fun pet canvas portraits. He misses Dakota so much, that I thought fun pet canvas portraits would be a great way to decorate his room. As I started searching for ideas, I found pet canvas portraits for single pets and also ones that you can have made for several pets. My son keeps several pictures of Zeeva and Dakota on his phone so I was able to snag a few photos that would look great to use in planning out one of the fun pet canvas portraits.

Check it out! This pet canvas portrait couldn’t be any better! On the left, we have Zeeva, the mischievous one and Dakota on the right. This pet canvas portrait is perfect for my son’s room. He would be so excited to see Zeeva and Dakota together in this fun picture!

Losing a pet is hard for everyone, but especially the children who look to their pets for companionship. Dakota had been with us for fifteen years and had always been a true friend to my boys.

Has you lost a family pet? If so, what did you do in order to help your family cope with the loss? Do you keep pictures of your late pets around the house?

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