How To Navigate A Divorce With Young Children

Divorce is something that can be extremely challenging to navigate, especially when young children are involved. Whether the divorce was to be expected or if it’s come as a complete shock, it’s a difficult one to process and a time in your life that can be hard to overcome.

However, regardless of the situation, it’s important to navigate it carefully and understand that this period of time will end and you’ll be in a better place in the future. For now, here are some tips for navigating a divorce with young children.

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Try not to involve them in any conflicts

The worst thing you can do when it comes to a divorce is to involve them in any of the conflicts you’re currently having. That’s not going to keep the peace and it’s something that your children may resent you for as they get older and learn to understand what they went through.

Remember, children are very impressionable and they have a great memory at a young age, which means they’ll likely remember a lot of what happened in their childhood that you’ve forgotten about.

Try to be wary of when you’re dealing with the divorce, whether that’s scheduling appointments with your lawyer (you can discover family law firms in Mayfair or your local area to decide upon the best legal professionals to support you through the proceedings) to conducting any paperwork within the home while they’re around. You want to keep them apart from the conflict and to ensure they’re living life as normally as possible.

Be respectful of your spouse when speaking to your children about them

When it comes to your spouse, be respectful of them. Regardless of the situation and what’s happened, most couples who break up can be respectful of their other half. If you’re talking about them in front of your children, it should be positive. Save any of the nasty comments for when they’re out of sight and not within the area where they can hear.

Again, anything that you would say about their parent, is going to leave a lasting impression. It’s also something that can end up being communicated to that parent and often enough it’s said by the child in an innocent manner.

Remind them that it’s not their fault and they’re loved

Divorce during the years when the children are young and impressionable, they’ll sometimes believe it’s their fault that the parents are splitting up. It may feel as though they’re not loved enough and that’s why one of the parents walked out of the marital home.

While you may not think it, it’s something that often enough, they can’t help but think about. As a parent, it’s important to remind them that it’s not their fault and that they are loved by both parents. This is a reminder that should be repeated throughout the divorce as divorce can be particularly hard on the children too.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to think that your children believe it’s their fault or that they’re not loved, but unfortunately that’s one of the downsides to divorce – it’s not easy.

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Try to keep a relatively normal family life where possible

You may have had a great divorce process so far by using the likes of for your divorce. Regardless though, it’s important to keep a relatively normal family life.

The rollercoaster and traumatic event which is a divorce is something that often can’t help but impact the family dynamic. With some couples remaining in the same home, others will be separate and that in itself can cause a lot of disruption. With that being said, do your hardest when it comes to keeping family life as normal as possible. Hiring a good family and divorce lawyer like Freed Marcroft can help make the divorce process a smooth one for you and your family.

Work hard to co-parent 

Co-parenting is challenging, especially during and immediately after a divorce. You may not have the best relationship with your spouse after you’ve divorced, however, it’s important to keep it civil for your children.

Children see and hear everything when they’re young, which makes them impressionable. Make sure you and your ex-spouse are aware of what’s needed to create harmony within the family dynamic. 

Keep the divorce a positive one if you can

A divorce is never an enjoyable process by any means and that also means it can be quite a stressful one to go through. However, you can try to remain positive throughout. While it can have its tough times, it’s important to try and keep the divorce in a positive state, rather than making it a negative one that upsets everyone involved. Hiring a good family and divorce lawyer like Freed Marcroft can help make the divorce process smoother for you and your family. While you go through this tough transition.

Navigating a divorce with young children is one that should be handled carefully, so use these tips to go through the process with grace and dignity.

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