Trample Soreness with Pain Relief Cream

My son is in high school, hits the gym regularly and is on the school basketball, track and football teams. Let’s just say that he’s very active and never seems to completely shut down. With this said, his muscles are sore and he could really use a little more rest time. He is very competitive and is working hard to obtain a college scholarship through one of the school sports programs. He throws shot put in track and just received first place last week at the track meet after throwing 46.8 feet.

I have sore knees and have been using pain relief cream before bed. I thought I’d see if he’d like to try it out and now guess who’s asking me to rub the pain relief cream on his back? Initially I tried the pain relief cream because I was told that I had arthritis in my knee and I was looking for any type of relief. The soothing feeling that I felt from the Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief won me over, so it’s now a part of my nightly routine.

Thankfully the pain relief cream has given my son some relief for his sore muscles. It’s great that he now has his own bottles of the Arnica Boost and Pain Relief Gel because my bottles kept mysteriously missing. These creams work well for more than his sore muscles. He can even use it on bruises and sprains. Just think, three or four high school boys with sore muscles from the gym, that calls for a lot of pain relief cream so I have learned to hide my bottles…..LOL!

When he was younger, I bought him a gym membership so that he could go with his friends after school. He would go through phases where he went all week, then it may be a month or so before he went back. At that point, I was questioning whether the gym membership fees were really worth the amount of time that he spent there. Now that he is able to drive himself and is determined to excel in sports, I know that the gym membership fees are definitely worth it! The gym has given him confidence and keeps him coming back for more!

Could you personally benefit from a pain relief cream? If not, do you know of someone who would? If so, take the plunge and place an order today!

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