Get Relief With Ball of Foot Cushions

Courtesy of The Mom Edit

Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to bring out all the cute shoes, that sadly may cause discomfort, but look SO good doing it! Why be in pain while showing off your favorite summer styles when you could be using affordable ball of foot cushions inside your shoes? Many years ago, if asked about wearing uncomfortable shoes in order to show off cute shoes, I would have said definitely. As of a few years ago, when my knees started giving me issues, I now go for comfort over cuteness any day. Fortunately I was introduced to ball of foot cushions a few years ago, so I can now sport cute shoes as well as maintain comfort throughout the day. I know we’ve all been there, when we’ve bought a cute pair of shoes, worn them to an event, then due to the rubbing and tenderness of our feet, can’t wait to get back to the car to take them off on the car ride home. Don’t let this happen to you again, there are tons of insoles out there for all types of shoes that can make your shoes as comfortable as they are cute!

Courtesy of Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine

A few years back, during the nightly Halloween events at our carwash, I found myself standing on concrete for hours on end, until one day my feet hurt so bad that I was crawling from my bed to the bathroom in the morning because my feet hurt too bad to stand. I made an appointment at the foot doctor, had x-rays and was told that I had plantar fasciitis. The doctor gave me a steroid pack and had me fitted for insoles. The insoles felt hard at first but took care of my pain and I’ve been a fan ever since. Since then I swapped shoes and started wearing work boots each day. I thought my boots were comfortable until I started having issues walking again and remembered that I never swapped my insoles over to my next boots. Once I got the insoles into my new boots, I started to feel relief again. Long story short, I will always use insoles and ball of foot cushions inside my shoes. These inserts can be hidden inside your shoes and no one will know your secret to comfort.

Affordable insoles and ball of foot cushions can be found locally or online. They come in multiple sizes and are available for use in sneakers, heels, sandals, flats, etc. They even make ball of foot cushions to use with thong sandals. Now with this “secret” in mind, follow your heart and find the perfect “cute summer shoes” without regret.

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