How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

There’s no denying that getting a good night’s sleep is important – however, for parents of newborn children, the possibility of a good night’s sleep may seem almost laughable. 

In fact, a recent study found that 43% of new parents “get just one to three hours of undisturbed sleep on a regular basis,” meaning they are otherwise drifting between being asleep and awake throughout the night. 

However, one way in which you can ensure you get the rest you deserve is by finding a way to help your baby sleep throughout the night. After all, when they are sleeping – this means you can hit the hay too!

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With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to help your baby sleep through the night. 

Invest in quality bedding. 

Babies are more likely to sleep through the night when they feel comfortable and relaxed. As a result, you should invest in high-quality nursery bedding, blankets, and comforters. This is because they ensure your baby stays warm and comfortable, meaning they are less likely to wake up. 

Keep your baby ‘active’ during the day.

Various studies have found that babies who are active during the day get more sleep each night. This is likely because they have tired themselves out through play and exploration, meaning they need the extra hours of sleep. You should also pay attention to how often your baby naps, as too much naptime could also impact their ability to sleep in the evening. 

Establish a clear routine. 

Developing a nighttime routine is another great way to help your baby sleep throughout the night. While they may not check the clock and realise it’s bedtime, following a consistent routine means they will naturally begin to tire out at the same time each evening. Furthermore, your nighttime routine can be incredibly calming, which means your baby is relaxed when you put them down to sleep.   

Listen to calming music. 

If your baby finds it hard to drift off, you may want to play soft, gentle music in their bedroom. After all, there’s a reason why lullabies are still so popular. However, in order to be effective, “the music must be soft, soothing and relaxing to create a calm atmosphere and nurture their sleeping patterns.” You should also keep the music at a low volume. 

Figure out what is keeping them awake. 

Sometimes, it feels as though your baby is staying up all night out of a desire to keep you awake too. However, figuring out what’s stopping them from drifting off means you can all get the rest you need. For example, they may be hungry, overstimulated, or even feeling a little anxious. Doing some research will help you to identify possible triggers and avoid them moving forward, which makes for healthier sleeping patterns for all involved. For example, if they wake up often because they are hungry, you might want to increase their feed in the evening. Alternatively, you may need to find a way to make their nursery a more calming space. 

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