How To Make Cooking Less Boring

As a parent, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. From setting up breakfast to packing healthy lunches to preparing snacks and then cooking a big dinner, a lot of your day is spent cooking for the family. And let’s face it, you’re getting bored of cooking the same dishes week after week!

But a little exploration of cooking and everything it has to offer could be just the thing you need right now. Going on a taste and flavor adventure, rustling up something that’s new and exciting – it’s possible even within your own kitchen. 

And don’t worry about whether or not the kids are going to like it; if it tastes good, they won’t mind trying something new! For now you just need a few tips to get you started, so feel free to check out the advice down below. 

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Invest in Some Gadgets

If you’re bored of cooking because of just how long it takes, invest in some gadgets that’ll shorten the length of time you have to chop, cut, wash, baste, marinate, or blanch. Such gadgets include slow cookers, air fryers, blenders and food processors, and literally anything else that’ll take the elbow grease out of the prep process. 

Because you deserve to save around 15 to 20 minutes each day, which you can then use to put your feet up and enjoy the time off. It might take a bit of cash, but if you’ve got some in your savings pot, why not use it to make life easier for you?

Experiment with Spices

Spices make a lot of difference to a plate. Consider it; you learn how to make roasted asparagus but you don’t throw a bit of salt and pepper on them before slipping the tray in the oven. What will it taste like when it comes out? Probably nowhere near as good as it could be! You need a bit of spice, even basic ones like these, to make sure that roasting effect comes off well. 

So experiment a bit more often. Literally set up a tray, pop your ingredients on it, and then sprinkle them all with different spice combinations that you’d like to try. You might just find your new favorite snack, or a side dish to a big family meal. And the more ‘wacky’ you go with these combos, the more fun you’ll have! 

Have Fun with Leftovers

Leftovers are good to leave in the fridge overnight, because you can come back for more whenever you want. As such, there’s nothing really bad about them! Especially when you use them to form part of the meal you’re cooking the day after, or to bulk out your dinner when you’ve got nothing else in the cupboards.

Leftover vegetables, salad, pasta, fish, meat, and dairy items can all be thrown into a pot to cook up something fun, fresh, and tasty. And you don’t have to put much extra effort in – you just need a bit of spice, a bit of oil or liquid to rehydrate, and then something to serve it in. Easy, and thinking up ways to use your leftovers in the best way can even be creatively fun

Buy a Shiny New Cookbook

If you’ve got a bunch of new recipes to try, out of a hardback, shiny new cookbook, you’re more likely to enjoy your time in the kitchen for at least the next couple weeks. After all, who doesn’t love a new book? 

And if it’s by a chef you already know and love, you can be sure whatever you try to cook will be good. So go book shopping and see what’s out there – it could reignite your love of whipping up a delicious feast. 

Get Out of the Kitchen More Often!

Do you just spend too much time in the kitchen, and as such think of it as a boring place? Most likely yes! And often, that means cooking in advance and bulking the meals for the week. So try this out when you’ve got time on the weekend; then you’ll have a whole week free. 

If cooking is a boring activity for you, why not try something new at least once a week? Indeed, if you’re going to be working away in front of a stove or loading things into the oven for upwards of 20 hours a week, you deserve to have some fun! So try out the tips above and see how they work for you.

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