Using Statistics to Inform Business Decisions

When you are trying to carve out a name for yourself, it’s easy to choose the pathway of being a business owner. The problem is picking where to begin? You need to choose a niche, an industry and a USP that makes you different from all of the other business leaders in the same field. 

More than this, you need to consider how you can use statistics to inform you future business decisions. The good news is that you don’t have to do this yourself – not when there are plenty of options out there to learn from. Lendio, for example, have surveyed more than 350 SMEs to understand whether people feel that they have the ability to start and run their own small business. Surveys like this one draw conclusions and statistics that will help to inform new business owners like yourself. The Lendio Small Business Survey can be found below:

Infographic Design By Lendio Small Business Survey
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