5 Ways to Make Your Blog Work for You

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The pinnacle of developing a site is to make your blog work for you beyond affiliate links and Google Ads. It requires more work, but here are some of the most powerful methods to use.

Develop an App or Software

This doesn’t apply to everyone. But it can boost your blog when you develop a specific piece of software or a mobile app. And before you go running for the hills, this doesn’t have to be as complex as you think. For example, you can hire custom software developers to create a project for you. Or you can even use no-code services like Appy Pie. By offering companion software to your blog, such as eCommerce, you offer more support than other competitors in your niche.

Master On-Page SEO

As soon as you begin a blog, you will come across search engine optimization. But it can be a hard subject to grasp if you aren’t technical. Don’t worry, though, because, for the most part, most SEO is handled by your web builder. This is mostly technical SEO. However, you must learn to use on-page SEO on your blog. Again, your web builders, like Wix or WordPress, offer great guides on using this. For example, they will remind you to use keywords and metadata.

Make Your Blog Work for You with Emails

Although email has been around for decades, it is still a vital part of modern life. Of course, DM software and social media are widely used. But for business and official communication, a good old email is excellent. And this, of course, works great for keeping customers informed. This can range from increasing your sales, which is a tried and tested method. But also sending out newsletters, informing of changes to payment plans, and offering expert advice in your niche.

Nail Platform-Specific Marketing

Marketing is essential to building your brand. And while email is great for this, you must use other methods to build a solid strategy. And a solid strategy includes spreading your message across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But there is no blanket approach to this. And they all require different ways to handle marketing. For example, a Facebook post format doesn’t work well for Twitter. So you must learn each one’s expectations.

Automate Vital Customer Management

You can boost the efficiency of your blog if you automate certain tasks. Automation is valuable because it also frees up your time from having to do boring things. For your blog and to make sure customers are happy, automation is essential. You can use your web builder to set up automation for things like thank you emails when a user subscribes. But you can also use it for setting customer payment reminders, greeting new visitors, and automatic replies to messages.


It can be hard to make your blog work for you. But you can help your business if you develop an app, engage in email and social media marketing, and automate specific tasks across your blog.

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