Different Diamonds: What do their shapes mean, and what do they say about you?

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Diamonds are not only extremely beautiful, but are also symbolic and can hold hidden meanings. A diamond’s shape can convey a message or even reflect the personality of whoever is wearing it. If you think diamonds really are girls’ best friends, read on to find out the meaning behind each and what the shape says about you.


A round diamond tends to be the most popular, but not without reason. A round diamond represents classic beauty, perfection, and timelessness. The symmetry of a circle conveys a sense of balance and harmony. This often makes it the perfect choice for a person who values tradition and a classic look.


Now, the idea of a princess cut may be conjuring images of Cinderella and Snow White. However, the princess-cut diamond is actually very modern. Its square shape symbolized strength, as well as individuality. Its sharp angles and clean lines make it the perfect diamond for someone who is confident, bold, and values strength and independence.


The oval diamond with its elongated shape is the perfect shape for the romantics and those who like the look of a larger diamond. Its shape makes it appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat, making it a popular choice. An oval is not only for the romantics. It’s also the perfect shape for people who are creative yet feminine.


An emerald cut diamond is a rectangular shape with cut corners which is elegant and sophisticated. The shape’s step-cut facets emphasize clarity and depth. This makes it an ideal choice for a person who values not only depth of character but honesty and integrity too. An emerald stone also works well for those who love the style of vintage rings from the Art Deco era.


The pear or teardrop diamond shape is another very popular option and often symbolises creativity in the wearer. Its shape is a combination of round and marquise cuts. It feels sophisticated and elegant yet it is often indicative of those who value individuality. A pear shape is unlike any other diamond shape. Companies like regalhattongarden.co.uk offer a wide range of diamond shapes if you want a diamond that’s as unique as you.

Heart Shaped

Naturally, a heart-shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Its shape is highly recognizable and is often chosen by those who value passion, as well as devotion. Due to this, the heart shape is a popular option for engagement rings or other romantic occasions. It’s a clear symbol of a love that’s shared between two people.

Lastly, we have the Marquise

The Marquise diamond is an elongated boat shape. The shape was infamously created to represent the mouth of Madamde de Pompadour, for whom it was first created. This ring style is unique and bold, often appealing to those who like to stand out from the crowd.

There you have it. Are you a romantic? Creative? Bold? Passionate? Fearless? Which diamond best represents you?

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