How to Redesign your Garden This Summer

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Gardens are made for summer; they give you a place to hang out during the day and socialise in the evening. Why not make your garden a summer project and improve it every year? Not only can you enjoy an upgraded garden, but it will add value to your home when you sell it. 

Lawn Size 

Everybody loves a lawn in the garden. A lawn is a focal point and space for children and animals to play. However, a lawn is also a lot of work, especially in the summer. During winter, weeds and moss develop on the grass that needs to be treated as soon as springtime arrives.

If you want to maintain your lawn less and enjoy your garden more, why not reduce the size of your lawn and introduce some plants and flowerbeds instead? Plants and flowers are easier t maintain than grass and give your garden more visual appeal for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Garden Room 

In recent years, garden rooms have become popular. Since the pandemic, people have seen the logic in creating more space in the home with outdoor areas. Garden rooms are the perfect way to relax and enjoy some personal space regardless of the season or the time of the week. 

There are two ways to install a garden room. If you have some DIY skills, you can erect one yourself with some basic materials for the local hardware store. Most people choose a garden room from the store and have it professionally installed. It all depends on your skills and budget.   

New Fencing 

Fencing is an important feature of a garden, especially when you live near a road or have many neighbors around. Fencing offers excellent soundproofing. Fencing is also good for privacy, allowing you to enjoy sitting out during the summer months. It can also break up strong winds.   

Make sure you get the best value for money for new fencing by researching fence companies. Garden fencing needs to be installed correctly. Holes need to be dug in the ground, and the fence posts installed to ensure long-term integrity. DIY fences need repairing from time to time. 

Re-think Paving

Paving is a lovely feature in the garden bringing structure and convenience to that space. Paving allows you to walk through your garden and enjoy it; it also gives your guests somewhere to walk during the at light. Include lighting if you want to create new vibes. 

Re-thinking your garden paving is a great way to bring a new atmosphere and energy to your garden. Instead of washing your paving this year, why not invest in some natural stone and upgrade your garden? Alternatively, you could change the pattern of paving in the garden.    

Wood Fire Oven  

Everybody loves a BBQ, but you can bring something different to the event this summer with a woodfire oven. Not only can you enjoy the lovely woodfire smells of the oven, but you can make woodfire pizza, slow-cooked meats, vegetables, and more. The perfect summer investment.   

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