Crystal River Inn – San Marcos, TX

I visit San Marcos, Texas twice a month for my job and enjoy staying at different places so I thought I’d test out a bed and breakfast. This was my first stay at a bed and breakfast so I had to grab a few pictures for you from my Crystal River Inn visit! Check out the dog in the pic above, he’s helping with the landscaping project!

There were two homes available for your stay. My room was on the second floor of the home shown above.

Everyone was very friendly and even posed for a picture! The lady on the left helped me check in and the lady on the right was helping with the landscaping.

Here’s a pic from the outside door of my room: San Miguel. Each room had a different name and set up.

Here’s the first peek that I got of the San Miguel room. It was upstairs along with a few other rooms. My stay here was quiet. There were other guests that I passed in the hallway but no noise from any of them.

Here’s the other side of my room. There was also a separate bathroom that privately adjoined to my room. The room was definitely much smaller than I am used to when staying at a hotel, but the experience was fun and the rate was affordable.

This is the kitchen where they prepare your breakfast each morning. They ask what time you’d like to eat and you wait in the main dining area and they serve you.

Here’s my view from the breakfast dining area. There were a few tables, so you chose your spot, grabbed coffee, orange juice or water and waited for your breakfast.

Here’s my breakfast, the fruit was good, great sausage and a HUGE piece of egg casserole. I met a few guests while waiting for breakfast and enjoyed my first bed and breakfast stay. Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? If so, how was your experience?

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  1. It does look cozy. We usually stay at AirBnB’s but occasionally do a bed and breakfast. My favorite stay was one in Ireland. We pretty much had the whole carriage house to ourselves.

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