Seated Elliptical For My Knee Issues

I had knee surgery eleven years ago. I went through physical therapy, lots of time with a personal trainer then regular visits to the gym in order to stay active. I have since changed jobs and find myself driving long distances for work and not having any desires to visit the gym. The Texas heat has taken over so I definitely do not want to go for walks around the neighborhood anytime soon. Face it, I know that I need to go to the gym BUT it’s hot, I am tired and I’d rather hang out on the couch after a long day at work.

Driving long distances causes my knees to be very stiff when I first get out of the vehicle. My doctor has mentioned the possibility of arthritis setting in my knees, which sounds like SO much fun, right??? So here I am, knowing what I need to do to strengthen my leg muscles, but I have no ambition to make myself do it. I spend lots of time researching different exercises, etc, that will help arthritis and decided to try out a seated elliptical that I could use in my living room. I have a regular “standing” elliptical in my room, an exercise mat, weights, bands, balance board and even a TRX suspension trainer but I rarely use any of them. Since the living room couch is my favorite place to be after a long day of work in the Texas heat, that seemed like a great option for working on my flexibility and strengthening my legs.

The seated elliptical allows me to watch my shows, enjoy a cool drink and still get some exercise in by pedaling on the seated elliptical. That’s way better than me watching Netflix and enjoying a cool drink while bundled up in the covers on my couch – right??? The seated elliptical even comes with online workout videos and tracks your progress on an app. And yes, I could still watch tv while using my regular elliptical but it’s not as comfortable as being on my couch in the living room. Using my regular elliptical throws me off in my room alone and makes it pretty hard to enjoy a cool drink when pedaling fast and trying to maintain your balance.

Check that out! Yes, I have socks on, but why not? This seated elliptical is comfortable enough to use with or without socks if you prefer. It provides a total body workout with both upper and lower body workouts available. As I mentioned earlier, there are workout videos that you can follow along with while using your seated elliptical, but once you learn which exercises work best for you, feel free to stream your favorite shows and pedal away!

Do you spend too much time on the couch? Are you looking for ways to be more active if you currently have a stay at home job and find yourself spending way too much time indoors? Just think, a seated elliptical could be easily positioned under your desk while you put in your daily grind in front of your computer. What routines have you put into play in order to fit a few workouts into your schedule?

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