A Laptop Backpack is a must for jobs on the go!

I use my computer on a daily basis and when it comes to work, I can’t do my job without it. I rely on my computer just as much as I do on my cell phone and I never want to leave my house without it. Just as I rely on a cell phone case to protect my phone, I rely on my laptop backpack to keep my laptop and on the go office supplies safe and organized.

I have used a laptop backpack for years, as I have always carried my laptop back and forth from home to work. So much of my work has always been kept on my laptop so I always wanted to have it nearby rather than leave it at the office at the end of the workday. I often “office” out of my vehicle for my current job so having a great, organized laptop backpack makes my day easier. Each night I place my laptop on the charger and each morning I pack my laptop backpack before leaving the house. This helps me start my morning organized and ready for what the day my bring.

Having an awesome laptop backpack is just like having a favorite purse with all the inside pockets, zippers and keychain latches. Here are a few key items that I store in my laptop backpack so that I am ready for anything that may come my way:

  1. I always keep a healthy snack that will not melt since the Texas heat can be a killer when it comes to chocolate covered granola bars.
  2. You never know when a headache will start to move in, so having a bottle of Tylenol is a must.
  3. A spare phone charger is always a necessity, whether you are staying in a hotel or your current charger starts shorting out on the road. If you depend on the GPS as much as I do, you definitely do not want to lose access to your navigation system or Apple Car Play due to a bad charger.
  4. I also keep a notebook, spare ink pens and a sharpie marker which I use on a daily basis while working with clients.
  5. I even keep a few tools in my laptop backpack which I carry in a small zipper tool pouch that fits right inside. In my line of work, hose cutters, a crescent wrench and a great screwdriver is a must!
  6. I also carry my laptop, the laptop charger cord and my business cards.

When choosing the perfect laptop backpack for work, I always look for one in a dark color so that dirt can be hidden easily. I also want one with several pockets, zippers, and sections that meet my storage needs. And of course, one that has a professional look and is comfortable to carry is a must when working with customers / clients.

Do you currently use a laptop backpack? If so, do you carry it on a regular basis? What items do you like to carry in your backpack?

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