Four Top Fashionable Additions to Your Home’s Style & Aesthetic

Contrary to popular belief modernizing your home’s decor and general design aesthetic doesn’t have to cost the earth, and with some savvy shopping skills, you can create a fashionable interior design framework within your home that is still affordable. 

With that being said, continue reading to discover four top trending and fashionable additions to your home’s style and overall aesthetic. 

  1. Vertically Striped Feature Walls 

First and foremost, a fairly moderately priced change to make to one or more rooms of your home and one that will also bring your property’s decor up to date with the modern style trends is to pick one wall, usually in the living room or the bedroom, to become a feature wall. 

Creating a focal point, either with a new tin of paint or a contrasting wallpaper pattern is one of the most effective ways of changing the entire feel of a space, and if you pick candy colors in a vertically striped pattern, you’ll also be bang on trend for 2024, too. 

  1. Art Deco Frames 

Art Deco, essentially a Parisian-created influence on everything from architecture to small home decor details, is based around geometric and symmetrical patterns and designs and can be applied to a small area of one room within a property, or else the very exterior of the building itself.

With affordability at the forefront, why not inject a flash of this classically stylish and almost romantic interior trend by replacing your plain and possibly even boring and bland picture frames, with some ostentatiously statement alternatives. 

If picture frames aren’t your thing, you could alternatively look into an art deco inspired table lamp or even smaller and intricately designed doorknobs and handles for the kitchen. 

  1. A Simple Glass Railing on the Balcony 

If the area that you live in is rich in nature, then you may well be wanting to see more of these magnificent views from your home, and should you be in this fortunate position, then a simple glass railing installation across the front of your balcony could make a huge difference. Not only will you want to spend more time outside, but you’ll also benefit from a more modern aesthetic for both the interior and exterior of your property, too. 

  1. Natural Shades, Colors & Tones 

In terms of color, the last few years have seen a real shift in terms of a conscious movement to a more environmentally friendly approach to interior design (as well as within the fashion world, too) and this is now being reflected in the colors, shades and tones predicted to be popular this year.

A sage green, natural looking, floor rug in the center of the living room, a soft white or cream throw in faux fur and made from entirely recyclable materials, or even a wooden coffee table recycled from a larger unit are all small and affordable additions to make your home feel more natural, relaxed, and calm. 

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