How to Show Your Grandma How Much You Love & Appreciate Her

If you’re fortunate enough to still have your grandmother alive and well, then you will undoubtedly always strive to spend as much time as possible with her, making new memories, reminiscing on old ones, and generally strengthening your bond. 

When it comes to her birthday, Christmas time, Mother’s Day or any other non-descript normal day of the week, showing your grandma how much you love, honor, and appreciate her will mean the world to her.

With this in mind, here’s how to show your grandma how much you value her presence in your life. 

Call Her More Often 

It may well be the case that your grandmother is more au-fait with the latest technology than you will ever be, but regardless of whether she’s the first in the line when a new iPhone is released or not, calling her more often will mean so much to her. 

Checking in often, asking how she’s doing, perhaps arranging the next time you’re going to take her out for lunch or go shopping, and generally maintaining more regular contact is a simple, yet hugely meaningful way to show her that you care.

Tell Her What She Deserves to Hear Out Loud 

In a lot of families, affection is shown on a day-to-day basis, but the details aren’t often explicitly expressed, which you often assume a loved one knows.

Now, obviously, your grandma is likely fully aware of how strong your connection is to her, but she still deserves to hear how you feel. Let her know things like the following:

  • You love to see your childhood photos in and around her home
  • You remember advice she gave to you years ago
  • You treasure jewelry she gave you
  • You will teach your own children the things she taught you
  • You were always excited when you slept over at her house as a child
  • You hope that you look and act like her when you are older 

Arrange a Surprise Photoshoot  

If you go to an experienced and compassionate photographers like the bureau studio – photographers in Shoreditch, they will be more than happy to arrange a photoshoot with you, your grandma, and as many other family members as you like. 

Not only will this be a real treat for your grandma, but the photographs will provide hours of happy memories and will be a talking point among guests visiting your grandma for years to come. 

Put Thought into Every Gift 

Your grandmother may well be the lovely type of woman who always tells you not to bother buying her a present or spending any money on her, as she has everything she could possibly need.

Wants and needs, however, are two entirely different things, so from now on, every birthday and Christmas, spend time looking for unique and even quirky gifts which will bring a smile to her face.

You never know, you might actually give her something that, once she uses it, she’ll then wonder how she ever lived without it. 

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